The Army

Joining the army is a risk ,but is it worth it?


1:You can die "No control over whether

I lived or died" ("

2:Your friends can die "We lost Sam and Bill"("")


Despite the risks you can get some pretty good rewards

1. You could get a dog "​ It wasn’t long before most of us realized that these four-legged fur balls were having a positive effect on unit personnel" . Military canines are pretty common and really help you cheer up.

2. You get to travel "So in September we deployed down to Elefsina from Stuttgart on a C130 aircraft landing at the Athens International Airport." You get to see parts of the world no one else gets to see. Another ('unofficial') reward is that you get to protect and serve your country. I would imagine that you would feel important and respected. Join the Army!

The risk is worth it

There is a chance you may die or get injured "No control weather I lived or died." ,but there are some rewards. You get to see new places and serve your country. Going through the war may give you some injuries and trama but there are dogs to help you feel better.

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