The Castle Country



Caves, Mountains, and Springs

The Beauties in Slovakia

Along from having the most castles in the world, Slovakia also has over 6,000 caves and more the 1,300 natural mineral springs. Slovakia is a fly trap for tourists! Some of the MUST SEES while visiting here are seeing at least one of the 9 national parks, 14 protected areas, and/or the 2500 high peaks of High Tatras, and the glacier lakes that where made thousands of years ago. Other wonderful places to visit include Slovak Paradise with its wild canyons, Low Tatras with its lush alpine meadows, and visit its gorgeous valleys in Little Farta and Pieniny.


The Government of the Slovak Republic, is the head of the Executive. It is made up of the Prime Minister, presiding over it, their Deputies and Government Ministers. The Government is appointed by the President of the Slovak Republic on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.
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The culture of Slovakia is the result of various folk traditions and because of its position in the Central Europe, it is also influenced by Austrian, German, Hungarian and Slavic cultures.


In the past, Russia (based on were it is located and the weather conditions) has tried to take over Slovakia. Slovakia, means Slave-country. Since Russia can't grow crops, the need nice, fertile conditions to be able to survive.
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Human/Environmental Interaction

Since Slovakia is so beautiful, tourists come flooding in each year (approximately 4.049 million) One of the biggest things to do in Slovakia is, yes, hiking. Therefor, when people go hiking in the woods, the leave behind an interaction with the forest.