On The Move

Dallas ISD Student Transportation Services

March 26, 2021

Meet Edwardo Walker from the North Dallas Service Center

It was a great pleasure meeting Mr Edwardo Walker this week and getting to know why he drives with Dallas ISD. He was eager to share his stories about growing up in Dallas and I got to hear about some of his adventures while he was in the Army stationed in Germany.

He talked with me about the 5 Keys to being a better driver, which are as follows:

  1. Get the Big Picture
  2. Keep your eyes moving
  3. Make sure they see you
  4. Leave yourself an out
  5. Aim high in steering

Mr. Walker has perfect attendance at North Dallas Service Center and takes great pride in his work. We are happy to have him as part of our drivers with Dallas ISD Student Transportation Services. Please watch the video below and see why Mr. Walker likes to Drive.

Why I Drive - Edwardo Walker

Have you Been Vaccinated?

If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine or if you are scheduled to receive it, please compete the form below.

Seeking Highly Motivated Team Players

The department is seeking highly motivated team players who want to grow professionally while making a difference in the lives of others. We have begun the Driver Trainer Recruitment Initiative. This is a supplemental duty opportunity for you to train future drivers.

You will be compensated at your regular pay rate. You will gain valuable knowledge that can open future professional doors. You may be eligible to take the TEEX Trainer Certification at no cost to you.

Selection based on the following:

  • CDL Driver position
  • No preventable accidents
  • Attendance
  • Current overtime percentage
  • Availability: especially in-between route
  • Willing to commit for the duration of one school year
  • Dallas ISD’s CDL Training Program graduate – preferred

If you are interested, please complete the Driver Trainer inquiry form by April 9th. Selection and notification will be made by April 23rd.

Mandatory Training

All Student Transportation Services employees are required to complete the Cultural Tenets training. We have made the training simple and easy to follow. Please click on the button below to launch and get started. The deadline to complete this training is April 12, 2021

Make sure to complete the Check for Understanding.

Zonar Tablets

Recently, there have been some reported issues with the Zonar tablets. One of the issues is that there is no battery charge on the tablet Monday mornings to be able to complete pre-trips.

After discussions with folks from Zonar as well as our Transportation Communication team, we have been instructed to turn off the tablets at the end of each day.

Big picture

Rail Road Crossings

Buses are required by law to stop at all railroad crossings. This safety measure has been in place since 1938 when the worst school bus accident in U.S. history occured. The tragic event involved a train traveling at 60 miles an hour colliding with a school bus killing 29 students and the bus driver. There have been other fatalities since 1938 involving buses and trains, some of which could have been avoided if all involved had followed the law.

Please make sure to stop at rail road crossings.

Z Pass

Our Z-Pass pilot is finally off the ground. JJ Rhoads is helping us with this pilot program which will allow students to use a special badge as they board and leave the bus. This will also avoid having to take head counts using paper and pencil. The pilot is intended to help us understand the system so that we can get this for the entire fleet. We look forward to a successful pilot.

April 2 and April 5

Notices have been sent from District offices instructing us that April 2 and April 5 are inclement weather days for students and teachers. These days are work days for central staff but they are non work / non pay days for drivers and monitors.

Job Fair April 3

DISD employees who refer a candidate to be part of our training program at the job fair will be eligible to have their name put in for a drawing. The drawing is for an envelope filled with over $100 worth of gift cards.

Big picture