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Jefferson Union High School District

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Serramonte del Rey

699 Serramonte Boulevard, Room 223

Daly City, CA 94015

View the JUHSD January 11th board agenda HERE.

JUHSD Board of Trustees

Board Communications

President Rosie Tejada thanked the JUHSD family, on all levels, for their support during this difficult time. She recognizes that everyone is going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our schools and is grateful to be a part of this District as a parent and board member.

Vice President Andrew Lie shared his appreciation for all staff and acknowledged how difficult this return to school has been, especially so early on in the semester. He stated that we are all in this together and thanked everyone for supporting the students in this community.

Clerk Kalimah Salahuddin said she empathizes with everyone in the District, and community, going through this very hard time. She expressed her appreciation for what the District has been through. As a big proponent of COVID testing, she hopes community members have access to local testing options.

Trustee Nick Occhipinti encouraged students to vocally express their concerns about health care in this community, along with sharing their concerns with school leadership. He mentioned his being glad to see the state working on solutions to help ease the pressing substitute teacher shortage.

Trustee Carla Ng-Garrett thanked Student Trustee Natalie La for expressing students concerns and mentioned District leadership doing their best to resolve any pressing issues. She welcomed everyone into the new year and is disheartened by the large number of people contracting COVID, but to stay positive.

Report from Superintendent Presta

Superintendent Toni Presta echoed the sentiments of the Board and thanked the entire District for how hard everyone has been working to continue fostering school safety while still focusing on positive student learning.

Since returning from the winter break, she has been in constant communication with Nancy Magee, San Mateo County Office of Education Superintendent, to ensure an informed COVID response by JUHSD. Ms. Presta spoke about the various measures that we are taking to address the Omicron Variant. You can read her communications by clicking HERE. Finally, she thanked Dorene Basuino, Associate Superintendent of Student Services and Human Resources, for administering rapid antigen COVID tests to staff after school at the District Office.

AFT 1481 Report

Union President Monica Casey wished everyone a Happy New Year. She noted the District, like so many other districts, are struggling to find substitute teachers to fill teacher and staff vacancies during this season of flu and COVID. She thanked our site staffs for filling in to supervise these vacancies and acknowledged the patient of students for bearing with this need. After briefly discussing the District's need to provide more masks to students and staff, she reminded everyone that education is about taking something difficult or broken and, as a team, finding the ways we piece it together.

Students Share Out

During the start of each board meeting, it's always a treat to hear our Student Trustees eloquently share site updates and concerns with the school Board of Trustees and Executive Cabinet.

Student Trustee Natalie La, representing Westmoor High School, shared that many students have stayed home during the last few days due to their being sick or in close contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19. She also reported student concerns about too many students eating indoors during lunch and the school providing more accessibly to outside eating areas.

At next month's meeting, our District Student Trustees will have the opportunity to present events taking place at their school sites.

New Appointment to the EHC

The District's Educational Housing Corporation Board of Trustees was on the search for a new board member and was thrilled to hear of Erica Loewenberg's interest in wanting to join this team! Erica is Westmoor High School's registrar and has worked with the District since 2019. Along with being an amazing and respected employee, Erica has sixteen years of experience working with HOAs (Homeowner Associations) and commercial shopping center management; a perfect fit!

For more information on the District's EHC, please visit their page on the JUHSD website.

Facility Rental Rates

Like many school districts, site facilities can be rented to the community, including theaters, multipurpose rooms, and athletic venues. Tina Van Rapphorst, Associate Superintendent of Business Services, gave a brief mention of the District wanting to adjust current rental rates to reflect those of neighboring district facilities. She noted that current rental rates date back to 2017 and rate change would go into effect this June. Vice President Lie shared that our facilities, especially our district theaters, are comparable to local venues and the rental few should reflect that of similar community-rented facilities.

Photo credit: Terra Nova High Theater, Lathrop Construction Associations, Inc.

Honored During Adjournment

We adjourn tonight's meeting in honor of two persons, Josefina Erfe and John Madden.

Josefina Erfe was hired on September 25, 1996. While at JUHSD, she worked as a Clerical Aide for Project Stars, a Cafeteria Cashier/Store Helper and finally as the Accounts Payable Technician until her retirement in 2016. Ms. Erfe passed away over the weekend of December 31 to January 2, 2021. She is survived by her daughter Jennifer.

John Madden graduated from Jefferson High School in 1954 where he played baseball, basketball, and football. Mr. Madden passed away on December 28, 2021.

After college, Mr. Madden coached football at San Diego State University and then at age 32, was named the NFL's youngest coach at the time as leader of the Oakland Raiders.

He became one of the most successful coaches in NFL history, leading the Raiders to numerous playoffs and a Super Bowl win in 1977, a legendary Emmy-winning sports broadcaster, and the face and spirit of the Madden NFL video game.

He was inducted into the Daly City Sports Hall of Fame, Class of 2000. At the Hall of Fame dinner, he announced that he would donate to Jefferson High School the cost of purchasing and installing stadium lights for the football field, which are now known as the "Madden Lights". He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

We, the Jefferson Union High School District Board of Trustees, send our condolences to Ms. Erfe's and Mr. Madden's family, friends, and host of loved ones.

Additional Information and Upcoming Board Meetings

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will take place January 25, 2022. Public session begins at 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the JUHSD YouTube channel and in person at the District Office.