Stand Up Against School Searches

Unlawful Backpack and Locker Searches

Students deserve privacy and the same respect at school as anywhere else. What would you think if someone told you to randomly pour out your everyday bag? This is an extreme violation to student's rights and will quickly surrender all sense of joy.


Students deserve their privacy, especially at a vulnerable age. Most students don't carry around illegal items. They don't need to be unjustly humiliated in front of the whole school because of the contents of their personal items, because when you hear about someone bringing around illegal items, it's usually based off a nasty rumor. You may think that you have nothing to hide, but if the whole school is looking inside your locker, you won't feel so high and mighty anymore.

Fight Crime, Keep Your Rights

You may think that if there isn't searches, there would be violence and illegal things brought into a school building. Those of you who think that are wrong. First of all, do you, or anyone you know, carry around illegal things? Probably not. Second of all, there are so many other more reasonable and respectful options. Searches could even make a child feel worse, because of humiliation and lack of trust in school, he or she could harm themselves or others at home. Do something else to protect your school and your rights! It could be done in a moment's notice. Those who don't want to, they just want to take the easy way out. They don't care if they embarrass you, because they just want to save a few bucks.

School Trust Policy

Teachers say that they can keep the contents of your bag or locker secret. They usually can't. Even if they do, it destroys a student-teacher trust policy. Would you like someone who doesn't have any trust in you teaching your class? What if the contents of your private items are revealed? How would you feel? Instead of waiting to realize this, you should know that people who think searching lockers is right are down-right evil people that don't care about your well being.

Violation of the Students

Searching lockers and backpacks is a direct violation to the law, the Fourth Amendment, that states very clearly that people cannot be unlawfully searched. So now people are saying students don't deserve the same rights as everyone else? Teachers do not have that right. The people that are searching your locker aren't only evil, but they are also violating the law.

Privacy Protection

See how a young girl got torn to pieces by searches. PRESS ME!

Quotes from the Classroom

"It would be weird if some old man went up to you and said, "Yo girl, I'm gonna search your backpack." -Sophie Gaunt

"Someone could just walk up and take your backpack without authority and steal something." -Shaylee Covil

"It's kind of stalking." -Patricio Gonzales

After talking to and interviewing these students, I found that many agree that searches are unreasonable and for crazy people.

All based on true opinions.

Interview of Classmate

What do you think is worse, backpack or locker searches?

Backpacks, because the backpack is your own property.

How would you feel if you were to be searched during school?

I would feel violated and that no one trusts me.

What would you like to tell someone who thinks school searches should be encouraged?

You have some major problems, it is so against human protection rights.