Parent Council Update - Spring

Loughborough Public School - Sydenham

Phase 1 of School Yard Naturalization Project Complete!

About 30 volunteers including school staff, parent council, parents and community members came out on April 23 to help plant 38 trees and construct 3 raised garden beds as part of Phase 1 of the Schoolyard Naturalization Project being spearheaded by teachers Alan Macdonald, Sharon Isbell and Andrea Woogh.

The project is meant to overhaul of the green space at Loughborough and make it a more welcoming and natural space for students to play and learn.

In addition to trees (12 linden, 12 locust, 10 silver maple, 4 sugar maple), the project also includes some outdoor classroom spaces and the addition of Buddy Benches - a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground - that will be built by students at Sydenham High School. An additional 30 limestone armour stones will be placed in the coming weeks.

Parent Council has funded a significant portion of this project ($4,000), supplementing grant funding from other sources.

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LPS students log more than 9 million steps in Amazing Race!

Thanks to a Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant from the Ministry of Education, Loughborough students and parents have been using pedometers to keep track of their steps since the new year. So far, 9,757,024 total steps have been logged. That is AMAZING!

Students involved in the school marathon event are also using the pedometers to log their steps. Teachers will be given some class pedometers to track their progress and use for other events to promote physical activity.

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Mrs. Chanook & Mr. Macdonald are Outstanding!

The outstanding service of employees of the Limestone District School Board – teachers, caretakers, educational assistants, officer personnel, and support staff - all of whom provide students and school communities with exemplary service were celebrated by Trustees at a regular Board meeting on April 13.

Eight school recipients were recognized by their schools for their hard work and selfless gestures including primary teacher Jennifer Chanook & Challenge teacher Alan Macdonald. The duo was nominated by Parent Council for their efforts to ensure students achieve their full potential, and become responsible and productive citizens. Below are snippets from their citations.

Jennifer Chanook -

Jennifer Chanook is a valued member of the Loughborough Public School community, highly appreciated for the passion and creativity that she brings to her classroom. In her role as a primary teacher Mrs. Chanook has developed an outstanding reputation as a brilliant educator who offers her students a nurturing, challenging and dynamic learning environment. Students love her because her classroom is engaging and fun. Parents respect her because they see the progress their children are making in her class.

Alan Macdonald -
Mr. Macdonald is a Grade 7 Challenge teacher at Loughborough Public School. Throughout his career Mr. Macdonald has distinguished himself as a leader amongst his peers, and is quick to seek and accept responsibility. Furthermore, his ability to bring the classroom and community together has enriched the educational experience of his students. Mr. Macdonald promotes his students’ uniqueness through a curriculum rooted in their creative and athletic interests.

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