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All About ELA - October 2015

All Things ELA!

We have been busy at work in ELA since our first day of class. We spent the majority of September getting to know one another, modeling ELA expectations and discussing our summer reading novel, Bruiser. We have been involved in a plethora (word of the week!) of activities including: Book Club, Peer Novel Interviews, Vocabulary, Student-led Classroom Leadership and our first Socratic Seminar. We are off to a great start and I am proud of all of my students!

It's All About: The Outsiders!

Rocking out with Vocabulary!

Vocabulary is up and running! We have a plethora of new words that we learn and use each week. Here is how our vocabulary units work:

Mondays: introduction of 5 new words

Wednesdays: vocabulary maps due/student-led review in class

After 10 words: Quiz

After 20 words: Unit test

Our vocabulary is cumulative - the words never go away! All tests and quizzes have a review on Please ask your student to share with you their vocabulary section of the binder!

Outsiders: Online

Did your student forget to bring his/her book home? No worries - its online! Here is the link!

We are in this together!

Never hesitate to reach out to me throughout the school year! The best way is via email and then we can arrange a phone conference or to meet in person.

Conversation Starters! School to Home Connection!

For those that were able to attend, I spoke about trying to get our students to talk and elaborate as much as possible. Not an easy task, that's for sure! Perhaps these conversation starters from events/ideas in ELA can spark some conversation. These are all based on activities, conversations and ideas that we have spent some time on this first month of school.

* would you rather live in the 1960's or now? Why?

* how was life different back then for a teenager? What challenges do adolescents have
now that did not exist back then?

* what is your vocabulary word of the week? What does it mean?

* what are different types of tools that an author uses on his/her toolbelt? Which is your
favorite and why?

* as you are watching a tv show or commercial, consider the theme of what you are
watching. How does the commercial or show showcase that theme?

* Why is it necessary to defend what we are saying? How do we do this when we write?

* Which character do you enjoy the most in the novel The Outsiders thus far? Why is that
your favorite character?

Have a great month! Happy October!