Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Who were the other 5 million?

The Holocaust

Th Holocaust is an awful tragedy that started January 30, 1933 with mass genocide of millions of people in Europe. The person who inflected this pain upon the Jewish people and oodles of others is the wicked man Adolf Hitler. He murder six million Jewish people and five million non Jewish people. He murder and capture this people in the injustice way. His reasons were for his religion and causes which was out right not good enough to hurt millions of people.

The Victims

Six million of the eleven million people in holocaust were from Poland. Three million were Polish-Jewish people and the other three million were Polish Christians. The remaining 5 million people who were not Jewish people are from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France , and from Hitler's own country Germany. He also murder Jehovah's Witness, Roma Gypsies, courageous resisters, priests/pastors, homosexuals, disabled people, and even sterilization for black children. He murder this people because some did not believe the way he did or thought they would cause problems which is horrible reasoning.

By: Andrea Padilla