Mark's Little Apocalypse

What is the purpose of this story?Did Jesus really say this?

Histroical Context of Mark's Gospel

This Gospel was created shortly after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. It was meant for an audience who was deprived of there faith and had no contact with God. The main purpose of this Gospel had been to give hope to the distraught people at the time and give them a link to God, as well as a way to live through this struggle.

Message of this Story for its Intended Audience

Mark created this story as a way of retelling the events that had occurred during the Jewish Roman War by Jesus. This would shock and awe his audience, who had been religiously decimated due to the events which transpired, that Jesus who had been prophesized as the Messiah/King of the Jews was able to foretell what will happen. This story gave hope to its readers and a way of coping with the events transpiring, as well as instructions on what to do now.

Characters of this Story, and Key Location

Question of Historical Reliability, and New Meaning Today

Would Jesus Really Have Known This?