Sammy's Spinning Mule


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Who Am I?

I am Samuel Crompton, I have discovered and invented the Spinning Mule, I was born on December 3rd, 1753, near Bolton, England. I am used to the Industrial era of new technology. I am a British Inventor, and I invented the Spinning Mule because of the decline in the Spinning Jenny in speed and productivity.

Whats the Spinning Mule?

The Spinning Mule is a upgrade from the previous Spinning Jenny. The Spinning Mule permitted large manufacturing of high quality thread for the textile industry, also the Spinning Mule allows one person to work 1,000 spindles at once.

How Does The Spinning Mule Work?

The Spinning Mule uses rollers to draw out the cotton fibers. The Mule used the Spinning Jenny idea of a moving carriage that gently stretch the yarn, however, the carriage prevented tension from being applied to the yarn before it had been completely spun, thus making yarn that was the strongest, smoothest, and highest quality.

How Will This Effect The Textile Industry?

Large manufacturing of threads in a short period of time with less workers will reduce the cost of thread throughout England. Also the inventors and investors of the Spinning Jenny will lose out to the Spinning Mule. People will be much more satisfied with the Spinning Mule than the Spinning Jenny. This will also lead to a mass production of thread making seem that there is endless amounts of thread throughout Great Britain.


The Spinning Mule will not cause your children to lose a few fingers when cleaning the machines in our finest factories which we welcome all kids that want to work with us and we shall take great care of them!

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