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Found Him!

Revolution is a strong shaped, and moving historical fiction story about the Civil Rights Act of 1963. This book is written by Deborah Wiles, and takes place in Greenwood, Mississippi. The main character, Sunny Fairchild is a young girl who faces the Civil Rights Act and during the time, in 1963, blacks and whites are segregated. One conflict that happened so far in the book is that when Sunny and Gillette went to swim in the pool, Sunny found a dark object, and it turned out as a Negro boy swimming in the same pool as Sunny and Gillette.

There are many characters in Revolution, so many you can’t count them. The main character, Sunny Fairchild is a brave and friendly protagonist like all other characters in this book. But sometimes she can be a little rude and go beyond the borders, meaning she can go too far with something and go into someone else’s personal business. In the book, a conflict happens, the conflict is one night, her brother, Gillette and her when swimming in a private pool and they were swimming with each other until Sunny and Gillette found a dark object in the pool, they didn't know what is was so Sunny took a risk to touch the dark object, when she touched a Negro boy popped out of the pool, grabbed his white high top sneakers, and ran off. This conflict is character vs. society because at that time, in 1963, blacks are fighting for freedom and many tragic and accomplished events happened during these days. It is also character vs. character because the blacks and whites are fighting against each other. In this book, we wouldn't do anything without characters in the book.

The book Revolution by Deborah Wiles is a nonfiction book that has brilliant and tragic events throughout the book. The books climax is when the protests and segregation starts which is when the Negroes start voting and registering for freedom and segregation starts almost at the beginning of and continues through the book, when Sunny and her step-brother, Gillette swim at the private swimming pool late at night and Sunny realizes she's not just swimming with her step-brother but shes swimming with an unknown boy, a Negro boy. The revolution is the characters find who swam with Sunny and Gillette, which was Raymond Bullis, a Negro boy who was mentioned in the book all along and he ended up being arrested because of the laws he has broken and the destruction he did with other Negroes at the Leflore Theater in Greenwood, Mississippi. Revolution is an extremely well detailed historical fiction book that I would recommend to anybody who is interested of reading a great book.
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Life or Death

The main character in Revolution by Deborah Wiles is Sunny Fairchild she is a brave and a friendly protagonist. She is the main character and she is faced with a conflict that either is life or death. The conflict is one night she and her step brother, Gillette snuck into a private pool at dark and then when Sunny was swimming she saw a dark thing underwater and reached in and touched it, after that moment a boy popped out of the water, onto the patio, grabbed his high top shoes, and ran, that boy, was a colored boy.

One trait that Sunny demonstrates is bravery because she stands up for her family, friends, and herself. If something dangerous happened Sunny would find out what it was and if it leads to a safe side she will risk it to get to the other side. To proof that Sunny Fairchild is brave on page 58 the text states “You know I could arrest you.” This quote is from when Gillette and her went swimming and found a colored boy in the pool. This shows that Sunny is brave because she didn’t deny or run away, she held it in.

Freedom Now!


Segregation, Protests, and Votes at the Court house

Where: Leflore Court House, Greenwood, Mississippi

What: Protests and Votes

When: 1963
At the courthouse there were protests, meaning probably that there was tragedy and some were non-violent. First, Negroes and whites weren't as post to go to the same places at those times. “I did see Negroes picketing the court house one day, with some ministers- they wore their minister collars-walking back and forth quietly with signs that said “Freedom Now” and “One man, One vote."pg. 228 This quotes means that the Negroes were protesting and fighting for freedom in public places.

John F. Kennedy announces civil rights bill will be sent to Congress

When: June 11, 1963

What: John F. Kennedy announces Civil Rights bill

In the book, the main character, Sunny Fairchild doesn't understanding why John F. Kennedy is reuniting coloreds and whites together. Also because Sunny thinks that each color have their own thing, which they do, and John F. Kennedy wants to reunite the two colors together.

"I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever!" George C. Wallace

When: 1963

In the book, this quote makes history because George C. Wallace was one of the presidents’ who wanted what everyone else didn't want and he wanted segregation.

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

When: August 28, 1963

What: Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recites ¨I Have a Dream" speech

In the book, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recites the “I Have a Dream” Speech and Sunny saw it on the television set. He makes a remark of how this country should be and how the people living in 1963 will solve it and make it a country that doesn’t provided segregation but provides peace.