Tutoring For Kids

-Nishant Hooda

Unhappy with the report card?

Take it from someone who has been through it all. For many, school can be a stressful place. More than likely the cause of this stress is understanding. If your child doesn't understand the subject, then how can you possibly expect them to succeed. Nishant will help your child understand, reducing their stress.

Your Child Is In Good Hands

Nishant has excelled in all areas for studies. In grade 7, he was accepted into the IBT (International Business and Technology) program where he further expanded his thinking capacity and knowledge. In high school, he looks to build on his passion for learning as he will be going to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.


Special Classes Available!

If you have any concerns regarding your child needs or capability. Please contact Nishant at (905) 278-6104.

Additional Charges may apply.

"succeeding, one failure at a time."

- Nishant Hooda