Tech Tools!!!

Tools that may make your teaching a little easier

What are Tech Tools?

Tech Tools are technology programs, files, apps, etc. that assist with the education of our students. Here are four Tech Tools that were recommended by fellow teachers and administrators right here at Western Dubuque. Enjoy!

The Fractionator Simple Fractions (Flipchart)

Recommended for: Grades 1-4
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Jim shares: "This flipchart is so much fun that you almost forget it is educational. There are so many hidden objects ("Easter Eggs") in this flipchart that it takes a while to figure out where they all are. I really like the chainsaw audio file that you can play when the students drag a square to the fractions. This is a highly interactive flipchart that is extremely high quality, fun, and full of surprises for lower and middle elementary students. Jenny Griner (BES) found this and thought other teachers could benefit from it. You can find it in the "Flipchart Library" tile on the Tech Grid > scroll toward the bottom and you'll find "The Fractionator". You can get to the Flipchart Library quickly by clicking on the text directly under the title of this section.

The Fractionator
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StoryKit (iPad app)

Recommended for: Elementary and Middle School
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Word Mover (iPad app)

Recommended for: Middle Elementary, Middle School, and High School
Word Mover
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Vocabador (iPad app)

Recommended for: Upper Middle School and High School
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