How To Stay Safe On The Web

By: Marihan Robles

Safety tips for the web

Staying safe on the web is very important and very easy to do. So here are some good tips to use when on the internet.

User agreements

Be very careful when reading the user agreements, people might find a loop hole and use it against you. You could also be agreeing to something bad and not even know it because you didn't read the user agreements carefully.


An important thing to know is that keeping your passwords private is very important. People will attempt to hack into any of your social media accounts. Don't share your passwords with anyone except maybe one person who you trust the most


Also be careful when you get random emails from people you don't know. They could be scammers trying to trick you out of your money. Scammers will do anything to try and scam people from their money. They'll send fake emails containing a virus so they can hack into your information. Make sure to delete any unusual emails from anyone you don't know.


If you tell a random stranger facts about you like where you live and what your name is, you could be compromising your safety and the safety of loved ones. So keeping it private is very important for your safety especially on the web.