1B Classroom Update

May 3, 2019

Parent Update

Spring has sprung and 1B is really enjoying the warm weather outside! In the classroom, our 1B friends are continuing to blossom with independence as we get ready for 2nd grade! Please read on for updates and photos of what we've been up to!


In ELA, we are starting a brand new ELA module in which our 1B friends were presented with a challenge from an ornithologist that we need to take care of birds because some get into trouble and need help. To do this in this unit, our 1B friends will be reading a variety of texts about characters who help birds, such as The Lion and the Bird, Pierre the Penguin, and Maggie the One-Eyed Peregrine Falcone. We'll be learning the strategy of comparing and contrasting the bird experiences of the characters in these books. At the end of the unit, our students will be able to learn how characters in the texts help care for birds.


1B friends have continued to explore more efficient strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems. Recently they have been practicing regrouping! Regrouping requires clear organization and thoughtful execution in order to bundle ten ones and shift it over to the tens column. This is a more sophisticated strategy that will be very useful in 2nd grade when our friends are challenged to work with larger numbers.


We are already on unit 10 of our Fundations curriculum in phonics! In this unit, students will be working with closed syllables that have 5 sounds. These are words that usually have a blend (two consonants each with their own sound) at the beginning of the word and a blend at the end of a word. The word "slump" would be marked as "s l u m p". The sl is a blend and the mp is a blend.

We will be adding the suffix 's' to these five sound words as well, i.e. adding 's' to "slump" to make "slumps". Remember that your child should sound out and spell the baseword first, "slump", and then add the suffix ending.

It is quite difficult to sound out, to read, and to spell words with 5 sounds. We will probably spend the next two weeks on this unit. Please let us know if you have any questions on any phonics rules that your child has been learning!

IB: Celebrations and Traditions

In Inquiry, we will begin exploring some celebrations and traditions that our 1B friends are interested in finding more about. This week, we had a gallery walk of artifacts from different celebrations. Our 1B friends knew a lot of celebrations, but there are also some that they didn't know about! Some celebrations that came up were Birthdays, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Ramadan, etc. Moving forward, we'll be studying the traditions and the reasons for certain celebrations around the world!

Field Trip Fun: Queens Museum of Art

Our trip to the Queens Museum was a success thanks to our chaperones! At the Queens Museum, we saw the Panorama of the City of New York. There, we saw a miniature model of all 5 boroughs of New York City. Our 1B friends were especially ecstatic about the mini airplane that flew across the model to land and take off in LaGuardia Airport (unfortunately, not captured in pictures). We also got to use blocks to build the 5 boroughs of NY and made sure to connect them with bridges. This trip made a great connection to our current Inquiry unit on maps and geography as we got to see where BPCS, famous buildings, parks, bridges, etc. were on a map! Check out how much fun we had in the pictures below!

Important Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, May 16 | PTSO General Body Meeting
  • Monday, May 27 | No School | Memorial Day
  • Friday, June 7 | 1B Field Trip to Brooklyn Grange (more info to come)

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