The world of water

by, carson k.

water cycle

The first step of the water cycle is evaporation. The way evaporation works is that the sun heats the water then the little water particles rises up and turns into a gas called water vapor. The next step of the water cycle is condensation. Condensation is where the water vapor forms a cloud and is cooled by the air. Precipitation is the next step of the water cycle. When water comes down to earth as rain, snow, or other precipitation but thats not all it does, it also seeps into the ground and some water goes back into the ocean.

clouds formation

For clouds to form it has to start on a warm ground. Then the warm air moves above the ground. Warm air rises parcely. Then it turns into cooling, rising, condensing air. At the end of its formation it finaly turns into a cloud. But when it turns into a cloud there are many for it to turn into.

solids, liquids, and gases

When water freezes(30'f freezing point) it turns into a solid. If you warm it it would soon turn into a liquid. But when a liquid still gets heated it turns into a gas. Then after a while it will turn back to a liquid and you are able to freeze it again. So it's practicly it's own type of cycle.