Dead Or Alive

We'll Spin you right round, right round till you throw up

Dead Or Alive Physics

  1. Trip time is 3.0
  2. Angle of lift is 69°

Newtons Laws In Dead Or Alive

  1. Newtons 1st law is in this because when the motor starts the ride starts to move thus, making the object.
  2. Newtons 2nd law the heaver the people the harder it is to start the ride.
  3. Newtons 3rd law you are pushing on the railing and the railing is pushing back on you with the same force.

Types of forces in Dead or Alive

Circular Force- It spins in a complete circle.

Straight Line- Once the Dead Or Alive rises it spins on it's axis and then goes bag thus, going in a straight line.

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