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Speech Recognition, making life easier!!

Are you a better speaker then writer? Do you have difficulty spelling words correctly? Do you have any form of disability that makes writing or typing difficult? If any of these questions apply to you then you will find Speech Recognition on Windows 8 very useful

What is speech recognition?

Speech recognition is an assistive technology tool that can be found in Windows 8, It allows a person to control their computer with the use of their voice. A person can also dictate text to the computer. This can allow a person to fill out a form online or write papers in a word processing program.

Speech Recognition in Education

How can this tool be helpful in education? Many students have learning disabilities in reading that cause great difficulties when writing papers. This is a great tool that will allow students to vocalize what they want to say and then the computer will transfer it into a written form. If students use this tool along with the text to speech tool it can turn the scare of writing a paper into a joyful event.

Setting up Speech Recognition

The process to set up speech recognition on your computer is rather simple. Windows 8 offers a tutorial that will walk you through each step. There are 3 simple steps to get started.

1. Set up the microphone

2. Teach yourself how to talk to the computer

3. Train the computer to recognize your voice

Once these three steps are complete, you will be on your way to filling out that application or writing that paper with ease. Windows 8 comes with some example phrases and how to make those commands in simple words. Below is a few pictures of some of those commands.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Tutorial | Enabling And Training Speech Recognition