Point Spread Predictions Calculator


By Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

The goal of the ATS Calculator App is to predict the outcome (side and total) of a sporting event.

The ATS Calculator App collects data from each team’s final score and then stores the data in its respective category. When you consider Las Vegas Sportsbooks create the point spread around numbers, it’s only fitting sports bettors have their own tools to bet into the Las Vegas number.

When you purchase an ATS Calculator App, you will pay a one-time fee and then own the App for a lifetime of that version of the App.

The ATS Calculator App covers the following sports: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, CFL, WNBA, AFL and MLB Baseball.

When you consider sports like Football and Basketball, the ATS Calculator App will provide you a side and total in which you can then compare to the Las Vegas or Offshore Sportsbooks line. Furthermore, since Hockey and Baseball is mostly based around the money line, the ATS Calculator App will only need to show you who will win or lose the game.

In fact, I’ve found the ATS Calculator App has been more productive when it’s used for College and Pro Basketball, when wagering on the total. Plus, not only will the ATS Calculator App give you the prediction on the game, it will provide you the following data which you can use for your fantasy sports leagues.

1. Points For & Points Againstavg.

2. Home & Road Game Scoring avg.

3. Last 3 games avg.

4. Last 5 games avg.

5. Last 10 games avg.

6. PF & PA vs. Division avg.

7. PF & PA vs. Conference avg.

8. Vs. Non-Conference avg.

9. Vs. Top Ranked teams avg.

10. Vs. Medium Ranked teams avg.

11. Vs. Bottom ranked team avg.

12. After a win games avg.

13. After a lost games avg.

14. After an under games avg.

15. After an over games avg.

16. After a push games avg.

Then once it’s calculated all of these averages, it produces an offensive and defensive average and gives you the prediction on the side and total on who should win the game and if the game should go over or under the point spread.

If you’re wagering into a number, wouldn’t you want one of the top sports predicting Apps to at least tell you how Vegas got the number?

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