Howard Gardner

multiple intelligence

About Howard Gardner

He is 71 years old and born on july 11th 1943. He was born in Scranton Pennsylvania. He went to Harvard for college, and is known for his theory of intelligences that has been used to help K-12 teachers trying to reach the students that wouldn't react to traditional methods

Description of Theory

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence was proposed in his book "Frames of Mind: the theory of multiple intelligence in 1983. Gardner said the multiple intelligence theory was a theory that differentiates into specific "sections" rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability.

8 categories of multiple intelligence

  • Visual/ spatial- Involves visual perception of the environment, the ability to create and manipulate mental images, and the orientation of the body in space.
  • Verbal/ Linguistic- Involves reading, writing, speaking and conversing in ones own or foreign logic.
  • Logical/ Mathematics- Involves numbers and computing skills recognizing patterns and relationships, timelines and order.
  • Body/ kinesthetics- Involves physical coordination and dexterity, using fine and gross motor skills.
  • Musical- Involves understanding and expressing oneself through music and rhythmic movements or dance.
  • interpersonal- Involves understanding how to communicate with and understand other people and how to work collaboratively.
  • intrapersonal- Involves understanding one's inner world of emotions and thoughts and how to control and work with them consciously.
  • Naturalist- Involves understanding the natural world of plants and animals, noticing their characteristics, and categorizing them.

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