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Sunday June 25, 1933

Poverty on the Rise

Poverty is on the rise in American cities as a result of the disastrous turn of events after the stock market crash several years ago. Unemployment has risen substantially over the last three years, and homeless towns, called Hoovervilles, are popping up in major cities all over the country. Food kitchens and churches feed as many as they can, but most people are forced to go without basic necessities. Unemployment and homelessness rates have both skyrocketed and are at all time highs.

Hundreds of Americans are being fired from their jobs every day because of business collapse and low funds. Last year, one in every four workers were out of work. America is home to the largest supply of skilled workers. America also produces more goods every year than any other country, but there still is no work to be found.

The country is in no shortage of food supplies, so why are people hungry? Most people across America are blaming Wall Street and bankers. Hunger marches and small riots are becoming more and more common everywhere you look. Children are being denied an education because of lack of teachers and families needing their children to beg for money on the streets. Some children of illegal immigrants are being hired to work for much cheaper than an adult would work.

Hope is just around the corner, however. President Roosevelt’s plans for balancing the economy is being greatly supported by the American people. He has been in office since only March, but things are already looking better. The reforms he has already passed seem promising. Now, America just needs to holds its breath and continue to work hard.
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Two boys forced to live in a Hooverville while parents are out of work

Local Man Rescues Dog... Again

Chester Cannon is a local hero for second time

Local, Chester Cannon, was recently in the news for saving a dog thrown off a bridge into Lake Hartwell. Cannon helped identify the man who abandoned the dog and testified against him in court. Cannon then adopted the now happy and healthy dog. Last Thursday morning, Cannon was walking to work along the same bridge and heard a soft and strangled yelp. He looked around and caught sight of a small puppy being bashed against rocks and swept along with the current. "Without thinking, I just jumped in that water and my gosh it was cold! I couldn't let that puppy drown. My daughter just loves animals and it'd be unjust to let it drown like that," Cannon told reporters and police after the incident.

Cannon is being hailed as a local hero. Students at the high school are honoring him at their year end dance, and a parade is being thrown in his name later this month.

Dear Readers,

Women Are More Important Than You Think

When you think of women what are words that go along with that? Cook, clean, home, and mother are some common ones. But what about CEO, stockbroker, lawyer, or doctor? Women are so often shoved aside as nothing more than maids or stay at home mothers. But women must band together and work to achieve what it is we all need. “The women know that life must go on and that the needs of life must be met and it is their courage and determination which, time and again, have pulled us through worse crises than the present one.” First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, said recently. She has started a campaign for women called It’s Up To The Women. She strives to create a better environment for women across America in their homes, workplaces, and on the streets. Women are giving up food for not only their own families, but to anyone in need, which is everyone. They are doing whatever it takes and whatever they can to make sure people are cared for. Women who have no food themselves are volunteering at churches to distribute it among the people they are living in squalor with. Women are the cornerstone of this country, and it is time they are recognized for their work.

Women serving food to homeless on South St. June 22, 1933

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