Current Event

By: Keiarra Jordan

Increased deaths in infants

I read a study that shows that crib bumpers are a big part of how infants are dying. This is making me very scared and worried for others and their babies. So many women decorate their babies crib with these. This makes me not want to use bumpers at all. If I do decide to use them I would use them in my child's early years. Because my child won't be in her crib as often and if she is during her first few months she will not be moving much. I could sit her on a boppy pillow in the middle of the crib. Reading this worries me and gives me the urge to tell more people about the risk they are putting their child in.

Nahla and her grandparents

Baby girl is very popular with her grandparents. They love her to pieces. She has spent lots of time in their arms and getting lots of snuggles. It's always a great feeling seeing them very happy with their grandchild. She has also been spending time with her great grandparents. And she can't get enough of them.