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May 14, 2016
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4th Quarter Stretch!

These last few weeks have been packed full of practicing our reading and writing skills, putting our phonics and language skills to practical use. I have a lot of fun watching the students realize they are able to figure out words to read or write, because they have the skills and knowledge to work more independently.

We have had many opportunities to use these First Grade skills as we learned about animals and other natural resources, focusing on the amazing ways God has created our world.

Our classroom has been filled with animals of all kinds, and we have watched as well as studied life cycles of the various animal groups. The field trip to the recycling center provided a great look at the way our trash can impact the community, and how we can reduce/reuse/recycle to waste less.

Here are some pictures of our field trip to the recycling center:

Animals, Animals, Animals!

We have enjoyed studying and experiencing all sorts of animals. The beauty of teaching about insects and frogs is the opportunity to talk about metamorphosis--and how Jesus changes people completely, too! Science is a great time to gain understanding of The Creator and His love and power. We had the opportunity to watch larvae change from creepy critters into beautiful butterflies and ladybugs. We were able to touch and hold a lizard, a salamander, chicks and a bunny rabbit, too!
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End of Year Cookie Party

Wednesday, May 25 is technically the next-to-last day of school, but since we will be having awards on Thursday morning and students are free to leave with parents afterwards, First Grade will be celebrating our year on Wednesday afternoon. We will start about 1:45, at the conclusion of P.E.

I am providing drinks and chips for the class, as well as paper plates and napkins. If you would be willing to send in a plate of cookies, I would love to hear from you! They do not have to be baked at home--a package of cookies from a store bakery or shelf would be fine! Please feel free to join us as we celebrate!