Trick or Treat 4H is Sweet!!

Inside room 212! By Noa Caroline and Will C

Writing up a Storm!

This month, we have been working on realistic fiction stories. We have been learning all the elements of making a fantastic story. We have been working on our beginnings, middles, and ends of our story. The class still needs a little more time but soon we will have super stories! Our teacher, Ms. Hood, is helping us write our stories and she's doing a great job! We can't wait for everyone to see our stories at our writers celebration! Get ready for story time with our fantastic stories!!

Math is a Blast!

This month in math we have been learning all about missing numbers, fact families, and word problems. We also had a fun morning when are parents came in and did our stations with us. Our teacher Mrs Hood has us getting ready for our big test 10/29/15. Our class had a fun time working with raisins to learn the maximum minimum range mode and the average! We also had a blast working with pumpkins to compare data! So as you can tell 4H math is a blast!!!

Peer Leaders, Super Students!

4th grade has started the peer leaders program. We are having a super time learning what it takes being a super peer leader! The peer leader advisers, Miss Lipski, and Miss Hood are doing a great job of teaching us how to become a great peer leader! They have taught us to be proactive, not reactive, and we are respecting that rule greatly! Our training session that took place on Tuesday, The 27th we all had a great time learning about peer leaders and doing some skits and learning what to do in a situation. We will have more training sessions throughout the year and sometimes we will have meetings at lunch or either recess. We know this program will turn out great and we can't wait to get started!

Social Studies Government Swag

Have you ever wondered about the government? Well 4H was wondering about how government works, and now we are experts on government! We have been learning all about local, state, and federal government. Now we know a lot more about the government and all the fancy, beast mode key words that go with it. We learned about words like the system of checks and balances, and like what is a right and a responsibility. We learned about the three branches of government. We did a super job on our unit 1 test! And we sure learned a lot!! Maybe we can teach you some things about government!:-)

Geodes and Gems Rock!

In science we have been learning about rocks and minerals. There are three types of rocks, igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary! Some of the parents might have seen this, but we will refresh your memory. We just finished learning what the minerals actually are. We've read about some minerals in a mineral packet. 4H did some tests on the minerals such as, smell, feel, hardness, magnetism, and streak. Ms. Batson has helped us with all our tests, and we had a rock'n time!