My Smore Project

By Grace Olinkiewicz

The Encyclopedia Of Awesome Animals.

Over the summer I read the book The Encyclopedia Of Awesme Animals, by Copper Beech Books. The authors purpose of the book is to teach you about many different animals and prehistoric animals like the ultrasauros. I know this is the authors purpose because every chapter has a new specie of animal that you can read about. Also in the book there are fun facts, true or false questions, some games, some experiments and a little history that help teach you about the animal you are reading about.
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This photo goes with the book because in chapter 5 teaches you a little bit about narwhals.

FUN FACT! The narwhal is a toothed whale with only 2 teeth.In the male, one tooth is spiraled, makeing a nine foot long tusk. Narwhals use there tusks to fight or chase fish out of a seabed.

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This picture also goes with the book because in chapter 8 it teaches you about dinosaurs.

FUNFACT! A group of Triceratops would make a wall of their horns to scare off enemies.