Birthday Times


`Toy soldier boss fires his old mate

Tom Kirby make a fantasy toy soldier maker game workshop into a $250 million company. Returning as chief executive after sucking his long- time friend and colleague Chris prentice. Prentice has left as chief executive of the company famous for games such as Warhammer after two years at the helm in which profit have collapses and the shares crashed 857.

supreme court decision

The 2000 election was go down into history. Dec, 12, 2000 office deadline for certify electoral collage vote

Items in my birth year

Gasoline- 1.26/per Gallon

Gallon of milk- 2.79/ per Gallon

We Danced by Brad Paisley

the president and vice president in 2000

president: William J. Clinton class: democratic

vice president Albert Gore Jr. class: democratic