5th Grade

Keefe, Kingsley & Ward

Upcoming Events

March 21st: Human Growth and Development Permission Slips due

March 23rd: D.A.R.E. Graduation and Author Visit

March 25 - April 1: Spring Break (school resumes Monday, April 4)

April 7: Human Growth and Development

April 19th: Parent Camp Meeting 6:00-7:00 at the High School Auditorium

April 21: Brewer's Weather Day Field Trip & Term 5 ends

April 22: No School

May 17: BizTown Field Trip

June 1: Camp material drop off 4:00-7:00 (optional)

Author Visit

Book order forms have been delivered to all students to pre-purchase books for the visit of Peter Lerangis. Book orders are due next week. Peter is the author of the Seven Wonders Series. He is also the author of 3 and a quarter books in the 39 Clues Series (Books 3, 7, and 11).

Wanting to learn more? Author sites:



Classroom Supplies

As we are working hard in 5th grade, we've noticed that a few of our school supplies have been dwindling. If you would like to help our house out and donate more supplies, we would greatly appreciate it. Here are the supplies that we are in need of:

  • Pencils
  • Eraser tops
  • Dry erase markers
  • Pens (not erasable)
  • Loose leaf
  • Clorox wipes
  • Headphones (if your child doesn't have them yet)


Nonfiction lessons are complete and our Gallery Walks are set!

Block 1: Monday, March 21st

Block 2: Friday, March 18th WOW, could not be more proud! Wonderful Job class!!!

Block 2: Tuesday, March 22nd

We have been working on mini lessons, webs, conferring and peer conferencing while focusing on the following paragraph and text structures writing that will be in our project:

  • chronological
  • compare and contrast
  • cause and effect
  • problem and solution
  • a wonderful introduction to hook our readers!
  • we will be adding our conclusion next week

Each project will all include many of our text features that we have been creating and discovering.

Another reading strategy that has been added to our comprehension growth is "Analyzing Critically" as a reader. We need to understand that authors write fiction and facts into stories and we need to think critically, analyze what is happening and offer opinions about their writing.


Once again your child will be bringing home their Math Take Home Folders today. You will find 6.1, 6.2, and journal prompts. Please make sure you sign the slip, take the math sheets out, and returned the signed sheet and folder with your child on Monday. Here is a link to the signing sheet if your child lost his/hers.

Next week we will be focusing on comparison problems: additive and multiplicative. Using comparison bars, students will represent these problems. In addition they will be creating their own comparison problems.


Our persuasive writing unit is coming to a close. The students will celebrate their writing success on Monday in a gallery walk and giving feedback to their peers. Today students took a spelling test and packet assessment - focusing on the uses of apostrophes. The next spelling packet won't be given out until after spring break.

Social Studies (Keefe and Kingsley)

Next week we will beginning teaching the BizTown curriculum to our students. The focus of the curriculum is financial literacy. Your kids will be practicing applying and interviewing for jobs, balancing a checkbook, writing checks, withdrawing money, saving money, etc.

Science (Ward's Homeroom)

Earth's water is distributed throughout the world as surface water, groundwater, frozen water or water in the air. Students spent time this week studying all these locations of water. Using sand, gravel, and a filter students created models of groundwater. Ask your child how groundwater percolates into aquifers.

Next week students will be studying the water cycle by creating posters identifying all of the stages water goes through.

Accelerated Math

This week, we set up our MATHia accounts, as well as our Carnegie Learning Online accounts, where students can access their textbook, homework, etc. online at home if necessary (in cases of absences or homework forgot at school). We also continued to work on our enlargement pictures that we started last week. We briefly reviewed dividing decimals and decimal operations, and then started our first lesson in our Ratio unit within the Carnegie 6th grade materials. THE UNIT 8 VOLUME ASSESSMENTS WERE SENT HOME EARLY THIS WEEK...ASK YOUR CHILD TO SEE THEIRS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO RETAKE PORTIONS OF THE ASSESSMENT THAT THEY WEREN’T HAPPY WITH ANY TIME NEXT WEEK DURING ONE OF THEIR RECESSES! EXTRA PRACTICE SHEETS FOR VOLUME OF COMPOSITE FIGURES WERE PROVIDED IN CLASS!
Band Practice Schedule

Please help us out by looking into your student's band schedule. Remind them of the day of the week they have practice and the time. Next week will be the "black week."