Barbara Jordan's quest

Meeting Athena and the dream

On one gloomy grey night, Barbara Jordan walks into into her dampened blue house. After a long day in the office she kicks her shoes off, and walks to her room to retire for the night. As she lays in her plush bed, her eyes seem to heavy to stay open. As she falls into a deep sleep a blurred figure of gold locks and lavender eyes with skin of a vanilla cupcakes reaches out to Jordan in a plead for help. The figure becomes clear and the greek goddess of wisdom and arts, Athena appears.

With a swaying motion, Barbara is compled to come near. The goddess speaks in a medolic voice,"Come here child." ''What.'' Babara studders as she moves forward on the stepping stones. "Barbara Jordan, my dear I brought you here to complete a quest. On this quest you will face Hydras, gods and monsters. Only you my dear can complete this quest." A beam of light flashes down on her transporting her to a giant stepping stone. A hydra with scales of purple and eyes of rubies appear. It roars, with thousands of years of death in it's mouth. The water has turned black and grimy with all the bones. Barbara thinks fast, as this jaw dropping hydra is in front of her. The monster ferociously shoots fire at Jordan, she immediatly takes cover. As Jordan hides behind a wall she notices that there is a shield laying next to a body. Jordan takes the shield and thinks to her self ''I can do this.'' As the hydra consistently shoots fire, Jordan takes the shield and faces the monster. As she scoures the surroundings, she spots a bucket behind the hydra. The hydra shoots more fire at Jordan and she blocks it. She quickly runs under the hydra and grabs the bucket. Then she dips the bucket in the grimy water, and runs back to the monster and throws is at the hydra. Suddenly the hydra starts melting, it roars in pain. Jordan spots a door and runs towards it.

As she sprints through the door, a crisp ocean breeze fills her nostils. Then, two sparkley turquoise pearls shine in the bay of the crystal clear blue waters. She plucks them out of the moist white sand. After that moment, a thundering voice shouts, "Who has stolen my precious pearls?" Barbara ducks behind the statue of the serpent and holds her breathe. Posidion starts to get engaged and sends an hurling wave of raging water at her very spot. She moves as a lighting strike almost hits her "Oh that was close" Barbara thinks. Zues appears wondering why Posidion was mad. "Brother what is happening? Zues huffs as a raging waves destroys the use-to-be peaceful bay. An mortal has stolen my precious Red Sea pearls, he shouts. Brother, we will find them,"Zues roars as lighting showers the ground of the once white sand. Soon, after that Barbara shows herself. "Young mortal why did you steal my precious pearls?" Posidion states.

In a flash, Jordan puts the pearls up as a sacrifice to the gods. "Oh please, spare me mercy, oh great ones." Posidion and Zues think with serious faces. As she has this time stale, she runs and holds the robes of Zues and Posidion. Then, crushes the pearls to dust making Zues and Posidion disappear in despair. After, the honoring moment fatigue hits her. As the waves softly comfort her as a bed. She awakens with a fearless demeanor, and thinks "what a dream it felt so real."

The next day, March 21, 1967 she gets the news that she has became the first blace female senator of Carbon and Manager relations. So, after all dreams do help you achieve.