Digital Literacy @ FEDU 2013

Working side by side to make teaching & learning effective

The Faculty of Education has a proud tradition of exploring how digital technologies can enhance and augment (e)learning and pedagogy. Professional development support given to members of this project was based on ISTE standards. In this Edlinked Curation eLearning Space you might find tools and other digital resources that could be of use to you or others - so please view, play and share freely!

Share your point of view verbally about being digitally literate here (use the password BeLiterate):

Building Communities of Support and Practice

The honest truth is that we need to support each other, more now than ever before. The face of teaching and learning is changing. The lines are blurring and walls are tumbling. What was 'go to school and learn stuff' has been replaced with 'there is no classroom and you have the knowledge - use your creativity, innovation and make the world a better place to live'!! The only way to do this is by supporting each other, taking advantage of the affordances of technology and re-examining our practices as global citizens with all its 'new' responsibilities.