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By: Anthony Munoz

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A little Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins set out on a journey with a wizard and a company of dwarves, including Thorin who was the king under the mountain(exposition). The wizard(gandalf) arranged everyone to meet to go reclaim the lonely mountain that was taken by a deadly dragon named smaug. Once the company reached the mountain after fighting giant trolls, wargs, goblins, giant spiders, and getting out of an elvish prison(rising action), they finally came to take back their home. But in the process they accidentally made the dragon smaug very mad. He went to lake town (which was a small town on the great lake that traded with the elves of the wood) and burned it to ashes out of rage. But one bowman stood and fought the dragon, and with the legendary black arrow, he hit it just in the right spot and killed it(climax). The town then went to thorin and the company to ask for help and gold but thorin was consumed by the gold and didn’t give them anything. After the elves heard about the dragon being slayed, the king rushed down as fast as he could to get his jewels. Thorin almost sparked a war, but right as the dwarves, men, and elves were about to fight, 2 massive armies of orcs and goblins rushed into the valley and their was a huge fight. Thorin came to his senses about half way through the battle and rushed out to fight azog (a legendary warlord) and his armies. Thorin, 2 of his company, and many men, dwarves, and elves lost their lives in what is now called the battle of the five armies(falling action).

Thorin was honored after fighting and dying next to his kin. King Dain (Thorin’s cousin who helped fight in the battle of the five armies) ended up being the king under the mountain, Dain learned from Thorins mistakes and gave gold to those who helped fight in the battle and to those who deserved it. Lake Town was rebuilt and Bard (the man who killed the dragon) rebuilt his kingdom of Dale(resolution). Greed got thorin into this whole mess and Dain learned from the and did the opposite.

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Theme- Generosity makes peace

Character who influences the theme- Thorin

Text evidence- After Bard killed the dragon all on his own, Him and the rest of his village came to Thorin for help because they were starving and had no money. But when they asked he was again consumed by greed and did not give them a piece of gold even though they deserved it for eliminating the one thing that stood in the way of thorin reclaiming his home. He also broke his promise when he gave the people of laketown his word that he would pay them back for there help. Thorin showed all of middle Earth that greed can consume you, or you could be generous, and no wars or quarrels would be started or continued.

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Interview with Thorin

Interviewer: What was the hardest part of your journey up until you got to the mountain?

Thorin: the hardest part was when we got trapped in the goblin cave

Interviewer: What was the scariest part of your journey?

Thorin: I don’t get scared much but it was freaky when we were spun up in webs by those giant spiders.

Interviewer: What got you and your company through this long hard journey?

Thorin: The thought of getting home is what lead me to fight on which lead the others to fight on.

Interviewer: If you could change one thing you did on this journey, what would it be?

Thorin: I would prevent myself from falling under the dragon's sickness, it is a dark spell that makes you mourn for gold and riches including the arkenstone, It is what I love most.

Interviewer: Was this journey a success in your books?

Thorin: Indeed, all of middle Earth learned from my mistakes, and my grandfather's, gold, riches, and power consumes you and your soul, but if you fight it, you will prevail in the end


Thorin oakenshield was the heir to the throne of the mountain of old before a dragon drew them out of the mountain by force destroying everyone and everything in his path. Thorin’s life goal was to reclaim his throne after his father and grandfather were killed. So he started on a journey with a wizard, a little hobbit, and 13 of his own dwarves who survived the hardships. The whole company grew very fond of each other and would give their lives for each other. Thorin had a good heart and was a role model to the whole company. He is missed by all of his kin, the whole company, and is respected by all of middle Earth who knows about him. Thorin will forever will have a legacy as king under the mountain and be remembered by all. Stories will be told and songs will be written of Thorin Oakenshield, Who fought and died next to his brothers in a rally to protect the people of laketown and his own kin.