Peer Coaching

Howard Elementary

What is peer coaching?

Peer Coaching is a practical way to support and assist teachers to improve their teaching and increase student achievement. Peer coaches help other colleagues in their schools integrate technology into classroom learning activities and improve lesson design by incorporating engaging strategies such as project-based learning.

What is the role of the peer coach?

  • Provide guidance and collaborative time to improve lesson design with the integration of content and 21st century skills
  • Plan technology-rich activities or projects with individual teachers
  • Identify resources or strategies necessary for successful learning activities
  • Model or team-teach lessons that integrate technology and engaging learning strategies
  • Observe, reflect, or debrief on learning activities
  • as the “first level of technical support”; answer quick and easy questions when someone is “stuck”; point them toward other help if necessary

What is the role of the colleague?

  • take responsibility for your own learning
  • be willing to take risks and learn with a peer coach
  • accept the opportunity to become more 21st century focused
  • be honest about student engagement so that growth can be accomplished
  • ask questions, contribute ideas, and elevate your instructional planning with 21st century skill integration with the help of your peer coach
  • let your needs be known
  • show your efforts toward improving student achievement and growth with artifacts generated via peer coaching