The unrecognizable word to the adolescenses

Abstinence: the fear of rejection

though many parents feel that sex isn't an option for their child, its more effective to provide an adolescent with information involving such topics as condoms, std's, and the parents own personal experience.70% of young people will have sex by age 19. Abstinence is the 100% percent way to avoid pregnancy but most teens will not follow this option, so the only way is to make sure the teens know exactly what they are committing themselves to. time to have THE TALK.

Condoms and STDs

Do you really know your sex partner? before the physical stuff should be considered, its good to know your partners previous sexual encounters, no matter how irrelevant. STD's such as clamidia and gonorrhea await those who haven't takin proper ways to eliminate concerns during sex. one alternative option instead of abstinence is condoms. make sure the condom isn't to old and is applied correctly.

Pregnancy within the youth

Many teens these days have faced countless hardships through young pregnancy due to rushed and non thoughtful decisions. Teen Mom has been a very painful experience for the young women involved and has brought them major scrutiny.