The Hays Team

"Read, read, read. That's all I can say." --Carolyn Keane

Events for September 28-October 2

Monday-NO SCHOOL--Teacher Inservice



Thursday--Music/Mrs. Coupal/Library check-out

Friday-- Libray/Music


Pfizenmaier Pumpkin Patch

We will be visiting the Pfizenmaier Pumpkin Patch on October 19. We will be leaving LES at 1:45 to travel by bus to the Pfizenmaier Pumpkin Patch and return by the end of the school day.

Once there, Maureen Pfizenmaier and her sons will present about growing pumpkins, the many varieties grown and we will be able visit one of the actual fields where they grow pumpkins.

Please send $2.00 for your child to be able to get a small pie pumpkin to bring home.

If you DO NOT want your child to attend this event, please email me.

Leveled Readers

Please have your child read the books to someone several times--we are practicing with these books for fluency purposes. By the end of first grade we need to be reading 53 words per minute.

When your child can read the books fluently (usually after 2-3 readings), please return them to school for new books. Our goal is to get at least one new set of books a week.

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Upcoming Events

October 16--NOON dismissal
October 19--Pfizenmaier Pumpkin Patch, 1:45-3:15 pm

October 21--Parent Teacher Conferences, 4-8 pm

October 22--NO SCHOOL--Parent Teacher Conferences, 1-8 pm

October 23--NO SCHOOL

November 11--NO SCHOOL--Teacher Inservice

November 25, 26 and 27--NO SCHOOL--Thanksgiving Break