Creasy Connection

December 14, 2015

Principal Passage...


It is a full week ahead! I'll be taking it a day at a time and work to be in the moment. Please review the calendar for happenings each day. While the years tends to chip away at our enjoyment of the holidays, I hope the joy of children at the holidays will remind us of the magic. Yes, perhaps a cliché, but then they are clichés for a reason.

I regret that specials were so impacted by the WFU field trip. It was not the plan. We were informed late last week of the early pick-up time which left us with few options. If we go, next year, we will arrange for our transportation independent of the district. Thank you for making it work.

Please vote for TOY and CEY on Monday or Tuesday. We may need a run-off on Wednesday due to the number of staff nominated.

Let's Sing will practice Monday afternoon. Our first runthrough went well - a bit more practice and we will be set for the Sing-Along.

The Tree of Giving is empty of snowflakes! Remember to bring your gifts in. Ms. Sowers is making plans for distribution. Thanks for your generosity.

Calendar Links

  • Check it out for updates to the remainder of the year. A staff calendar on the Haiku site - the Whitaker Staff Calendar go to the calendar tab to see the full calendar. Check calendar article below too.
  • The second School Wires Calendar is for families on our school website.


Holiday thinking...

“It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” - Agnes M. Pharo

December Calendar

  • 12/14 and 12/15 - Vote TOY and CEY
  • 12/14 Deadline nominate CEY candidate district level - online nominations
  • 12/14 WFU Basketball Game - 4th/5th grades - leave 9:30 am
  • 12/15 Progress Reports
  • 12/15 Night Before Christmas Storyteller - 1st and 2nd (reference schedule sent)
  • 12/15 Hanes MS band to perform - 1:00 5th graders (band arriving at 12:15)
  • 12/16 #3 Haiku Training
  • 12/16 Run-off Vote for TOY (Deadline to submit 12/18)
  • 12/17 PTA Holiday Breakfast - media center
  • 12/17 WES Chorus Field Trip
  • 12/18 Sing-Along at 1:00
  • 12/18 Last Day of School before Winter Break
  • 1/4 Students Return to School from Winter Break

A few more items...

  • Have the Spelling Bee and Invention Convention on your radar for the new year.

  • UPDATE - Carts for the upper grades have arrived as well. We may see Chromebooks this week. Kinder and 1st grade classes, Tech Tubs are here, a work order to install them in classrooms is in. Consider where you will want to have them in your class? Might be a good idea to check out a couple of 2nd grade classes - most have them mounted to tables or in a cabinet with a power outlet.

  • Revised update of the SIP plan has been submitted for review. Check with your SIT rep if you would like to see it. They have shared Google access to it. Once we get final feedback we will post it on the school website. Feedback came last week - plan to post it over the break.

  • UPDATE - Eagle Scout project was completed yesterday. I will check it out tomorrow and test is for safety prior to use. I am looking for thinking about incorporating this new space and the free library into our learning. Perhaps dress it up a bit too. Let me know if you are interested or have ideas.

  • Please copy me on your classroom newsletters either via email or on paper. This should be at least bi-weekly or weekly if you wish.