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Special Edition: Safety & Conferences

Fall Conferences Parent Letter & Sign Up

Please click this link to access the fall conference letter and instructions on how to sign up for your conferences.

Translator Hotlines

“If you need this information translated in Spanish, please call...”

Si usted necesita esta informacion traducida al Espanol, por favor llame al 663-9372.

“If you need this information translated in Hmong, please call...”

Yog koj xav kom peb txhais cov ntawv no ua lus Hmoob, thov hu 663-9373

Safety First!

Safety at Jackson Elementary is a top priority. When our students feel safe and supported, they can focus on their learning. For this reason, we wanted to take some time to review safety with our students this week. Our student support team went to each grade level to discuss safety. The following was discussed.

Safe, Unwanted & Unsafe Touches

We explained what each of these meant and gave students examples of them.

Safe Touches: These are touches that keep children safe and make them feel cared about.

Examples: hugs, pat on the back, high fives, fist bumps, etc.

Unwanted Touches: These are touches that don't hurt someone, but may make someone feel uncomfortable. It is important to ask permission.

Example: Someone may not like to be touched, so they don't like when someone gives them a hug.

Unsafe Touches: These are touches that hurt individual. They make someone feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Examples: hitting, pushing, tackling, jumping on someone's back, touching someone's private area, etc.

Reporting Unsafe Touches

We discussed the importance of reporting any unsafe touches to trusted adults. Students shared trusted adults include: parents, the principal, school counselor, teachers, playground supervisors, etc.

Communicating with Others

We also discussed the importance of communicating with others about our feelings and needs. Kindergarteners & 1st Graders learned about using an assertive voice rather than an aggressive voice. 2nd - 5th graders learned about the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive voices. Students learned when we use an assertive voice we are calm and use a firm tone. We share how we are feeling with others and what we need. When we are assertive we are respectful of ourselves, others and their feelings.

Using I Statements

We also discussed using "I statements" as a way to communicate how they are feeling and why.

Sentence Starter: I feel ______ when __________.


  • I feel frustrated when people pull on my sweatshirt.
  • I feel sad when someone yells.

Ways You Can Practice at Home with Your Child

1. Practice Identifying Feelings: Talk about feelings as a family. Share how each of you are feeling and why. This helps children identify different kinds of emotions and helps them to understand it is okay to talk about how they are feeling with others.

You can also practice identifying how other people may be feeling by their body language. You could talk about how characters in books, movies, TV shows may be feeling. By practicing identifying how people are feeling we begin to develop empathy for others.

2. Model & Practice I Statements at Home: Our children are always looking to others as role models; modeling I statements and practicing them with our children at home will help them to use them more naturally in other environments like school.

3. Model & Practice Assertive Communication: Assertive communication is honest, direct, and a respectful form of communication that is empathetic to all individuals. Assertive communication can sound like:

  • I need . . .
  • I'm not comfortable with that.
  • I'm not ready to make a decision yet. I need some time to think.
  • ______ hurts my feelings.
  • I'm happy to have you in my life.
  • I appreciate your apology.
  • I understand what you are saying, but that doesn't work for me.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Feelings Chart

Big picture

Grades 3-5 Feelings Chart

Big picture

Events Coming Up: Mark Your Calendars

PTO Photo Sessions:

The PTO is excited to once again offer the Family Portrait Fundraiser. The PTO takes care of prepping the decor and our photographers help everyone get into the best positions!

This year's fundraiser is taking place on Saturday, October 15 from 11am - 2pm.

  • By booking in advance, families received a $5 discount. For $20, you receive 3 digital images emailed to you along with a copyright release so you can use the pictures are you wish!
  • If you wait to sign up until the day of the fundraiser, the price increases to $25.

If you have lost or did not receive the fundraiser flyer in your student's Friday Folder, there are more at the main office!

All funds raised go right back to the Jackson PTO to help fund events and activities at school!

Fall Fun Activities: Oct. 28th

Costume Parade

The parade will begin at 3:15pm. Students who wish to participate will wear costumes (school appropriate) and parade through the hallways and outdoors along N. 18th Street. Families who wish to watch the parade may view it along N. 18th St. between Menasha Ave. and the gym entrance at Jackson Elementary. Teachers will be sharing additional details regarding costumes.

Trunk or Treat Event

This year our Trunk or Treat event will run from 4-6pm.

  • 4:00-5:00pm, the PTO will host a couple activities in the gym. Families will get to vote for their favorite decorated pumpkin and enjoy a snack. Gift cards will be awarded to the top 3 winners of the pumpkin decorating contest.

  • 5:00pm-6:00pm, families will head outdoors to go trick or treating around to the decorated vehicles. Families who are decorating their vehicles' trunk for the event can set up in the staff parking lot between 4-5pm. If we need additional room, we will park vehicles on the playground.

Looking for Trunk or Treat Ideas?

Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events


15th- Family Portrait Fundraiser 11-2pm

18th- Vision Screening All Grades

19th- Fire Preventions Program Gr. KG, 1st & 4th

(KG & 4th Survive Alive Trailer)

20th- Kindergarten to the School Forest

20th- PTO Meeting 6pm (location-computer lab)

28th- Costume Parade 3:15-3:35; Trunk or Treat Event 4-6pm

31st- Book Fair


1-3rd-Book Fair

3rd- Parent Teacher Conferences 8am-7pm NO SCHOOL for students

4th- NO SCHOOL for students or staff

15th- Picture Retake Day

17th- PTO Meeting 6pm (location-computer lab)

23rd- 1/2 Day for students & staff (12pm dismissal)

24th & 25th- NO SCHOOL for students or staff


5th- Staff Development NO SCHOOL for students

15th- Winter Concert

  • Families A-M @ 9:30 am
  • Families N-Z @ 1:30 pm

19th-22nd- Dental Clinic

23-30th Winter Break

Jackson Elementary: Student/Parent Handbook

Please take some time to read over our student/parent handbook. Linked in it you will also find a copy of the District's Code of Conduct. Thank you for supporting our students and staff in creating a safe learning environment.