Action Research

Richard Sagor's Stage 1 ( Chapters 2 & 3)

Action Research

  1. Is the focus on your professional action?
  2. Are you empowered to adjust future actions based on the results?
  3. Is improvement possible?


By the end of the 10 minute presentation, everyone in the room will have an focus or a clear concept of how to formulate a focus.

STAGE 1 Clarifying Vision and Targets

What do I want to accomplish? (Selecting a Focus)

Determining Priority- Priority Achievement Targets

Performance Targets
  • Content Standards
  • Curriculum Goals

Process Targets

  • Teaching Skills
  • Communication Skill
  • Pedagogy

Program Targets

  • Impact on School
  • Overall Impact

5 Strategies to Identifying Topics of Study

Refining the Focus

Developing Measures of Success

What evidence will tell us we meet our goal?

  • surveys

  • feedback

  • performance indicators

  • rating scales

  • rubrics

Rita Castillo, Anabel Coughlin, Adriana Esquivel

As we end our Educational Leadership Masters Program, we would like to share information on how to begin your next action research quest.