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Our Week in Review...

This week, our focus in reading was summarizing a story. It is very similar to finding the main idea of a story. This weekend I should practice summarizing what I am reading. Please help me by asking me what the story is "mostly about!" I can summarize just a page, one chapter, or even a whole book! I am so excited to show you this new skill!!!

We read a play called The Strongest One that was about which ant was the strongest. The "-est" at the end of the word means that it's the best of them all! Our grammar focus this week was on finding common nouns and proper nouns. Proper nouns need to be capitalized and are special because they are a name of a common noun.

In math this week, we focused on multiplication using arrays! We learned about the difference between a row and a column. Rows run "back and forth" or "side to side." We can also call a row horizontal (like a horizon). Columns run "up and down" and are what hold up a structure. Columns are vertical. <3

In multiplication, the the two things you multiply together are called factors. The total, or answer, of a multiplication expression is called the product. For example, in the equation 5 x 4 = 20, the factors are 5 and 4, and the product is 20. We would say this expression as "five groups of 4 equals 20 total things." I can also draw an array to show this equation! Please ask me to show you on my whiteboard at home!!! :D

We had our final swimming day on Tuesday! Some of us got to go down the pretzel slide and the drop slide! IT WAS SO FUN!!! We also finished and got our wands. :)

We also tried to earn a cooperation celebration. We started out the week really well, but we were a little chatty this week. We will work on being more mindful of our learning time next week. WE. CAN. DO. IT!!!

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Upcoming Events

On Monday, information about our Halloween Trick or Treat at Chateau de Boise will come home! Also, please watch for the bright green sheet that has your SCHEDULED CONFERENCE TIME for either November 2nd or 3rd!

October 28th - NO SCHOOL!

October 31st - Walk and Trick or Treat at Chateau de Boise

November 2nd (evening) and November 3rd (all day) - Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences