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Your local Pennsylvania PBS station supports the learning needs of children and families throughout the commonwealth, and we recognize that learning occurs everywhere: at home, at school, and in your community.

When you are Learning at Home, we connect you to thousands of hours of educational and entertaining videos, activities, and games for preschoolers through high school.

When you are Learning at School, we support teachers and caregivers with resources that align with state standards.

We also connect you to free events and activities where you can Learn in Your Community.


Ready Set Music PreK-12th

Feelings can be hard for children to talk about. Often they demonstrate their feelings before they can use words to share them. As adults, we can often be proactive when we are crabby or tired or frustrated and change our behavior. Most children are still learning to navigate that. Helping children use words to describe what is happening inside them is an important part of Social and Emotional Learning. These words and messages can be taught and reinforced through music.

Family Night: Coding

Family Night: Coding will encourage children, K-5, and their families to get excited about computer science together. Computer science is an exciting and growing field that impacts the world in countless ways. A large part of computer science is computer coding. If you do not know much about computer coding, you will not want to miss this special. Children and their families will not only learn about coding and the exciting careers that depend on it, they’ll also be invited to participate in hands-on activities that will help to introduce the basic principles of coding.

The best part? No computer or special materials will be required.

Family Night: Engineering

Children in K-5 and their families are invited to learn more about the field of engineering in this hour-long special program. Family Night: Engineering introduces children to cool careers within the field of engineering that ranges from building roller coasters to designing artificial heart pumps for children who need them. Children will also get a chance to participate in hands-on engineering activities during the program!

The best part? Everything they need to participate can be found right in your home.

Family Night: Space

On Family Night: Space we’ll meet people who are involved in space travel without traveling to space! Think of the people who design spacesuits to keep the astronauts comfortable and safe or even the people who try to figure out how to deal with smelly things while in space! There are so many interesting jobs that exist within the field of aerospace! During the program, kids will get a chance to put their aerospace skills to work in fun, hands-on activities.

The best part? Everything they need to participate can be found right in your home.

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  • WQED - Clarion County

  • WQLN - Erie, Forest, Venango and Crawford Counties

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