Police Officer

Career Cluster:Law Enforcement

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Parking meters they check for overtime.
  • Conducts investigations on crime.
  • Patrols areas of the city in a car.
  • Captures or exports criminals to different places.
  • Has the self-control to cope with things.

Work Environment

  • On the streets and in a police station.

Days and hours worked

  • 8 to 10 hours,80 hours per week.
  • Over 84 hours just to do this.

Starting salary and salary range w/ experience

  • Starting Salary(per hour): 26.73 (per yr.) 56470


  • Working with people to make them feel better.
  • Getting paid money and the ways it benefits your life.
  • Going into situations with a sense of self-confidence.

Education/Training Required

  • You need a high school diploma,GED,or higher,College.
  • Recruits are usually needed as training is required foe them.

Personality Characteristics needed for person seeking employment in this field

  • Write and speak efficiently
  • Cope with situations
  • Understand,and following verbal written instructions
  • Good general intelligence

Advice you would give someone who wanted to get the job

  • Go to high school and get a diploma first.
  • Pass a written test,and a physical exam.

3 Positive Aspects of the Job

  • Saving lives of people,and seeing happy faces.
  • Makes you have a sense of serving the greater good.
  • Challenges that are faced can make you more self-dependent.

3 Negative Aspects of the Job

  • People sometimes get killed in police shootings.
  • You need to stop thinking and do it,sometimes that's a bad thing.
  • Stress can also destroy their mental and physical health.