Guy Fawkes

And the the conspiraters

Guy Fawkes was cought trying to blow up parliment. There where five other conspirators, Robert Keyes inculed (he joined a bit later). It was discorved by a catholic called Lord Monteagle telling him not to go to the state opening. We don't know if this letter was accually written by Guy Fawkes. A search was sent out on the 4th of Novemer, the cellar was searched and Guy Fawkes was found with loads of gunpowder and he was arrested, this happened at midnight. All the other conspirators went up north to try and start a revoulation but this didn't work and they where all either arrested or killed (apart from Robert Winters). They where all tortued at the Tower of London and then they where killed
The day is remebered on the 5th of November with fireworks and a bonfire