Jacques Cartier

About Jacques Cartier

Biographical Info.

Born:December 31, 1491

Death:September 1,1557




Where he tried to go

Jacques cartier was sent to at first go to the "new land"(America).He had to go to the "new land" so that he could search for gold and other riches. Jacques was financed by King Francis I.

How did he die?

Jacques Cartier died from a possibly typhus,but his death is unknown.

Why is he famous?

Jacques Cartier was so significant because of his 3 main voyages. His first voyage was to the "new world"(Americas).He was sent by King Francis I to find gold and other riches.In his second voyage to find the Iroquoian villages of Stadacona and Hochelaga. Then Jacque's Last main voyage was to Canada in search of exploration and new land. When he was sent on these voyages he was given different needs. When he went on them he finished every task that he needed to finish even through harsh whether.
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