Stop cyberbullying

Bullying is like smoking, it can kill

What is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is aggressive behavior amongst people that they use as a weapon to hurt other people.

Examples of cyberbullying

  • verbal threats or physical violence
  • posting embarrassing or degrading pictures online of someone
  • spreading rumors or lies

Differences between cyberbullying and bullying

  • happens all day everyday no matter where
  • no place to escape
  • shared by an vast audience and could go viral

  • face to face
  • bully can be identified
  • limited to onlookers

Effects of cyberbullying

Kids that are bullied can suffer from depression, anxiety, feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loose all the happiness of things they used to enjoy.

They will most likely start failing in school with their grades and participation. They might start to skip school or drop out.

Causes suicidal and dangerous thoughts.

Prevention and Awareness

Parents establish some rules with your kids about online usage. Sit down and talk to them about bullying. Explain to them what the causes and effects of bullying are. Always know the sites your kids are using. Ask questions as to who they are communicating with and where they go. Have your kids passwords and accounts. Keep the kids in check always know what is happening in their lives.

Establishing rules

  1. Make them only use the sites you have approved and are the safest
  2. Tell them to keep their password safe away from friends and strangers
  3. Let them know that chatting with stranger online is never a good idea unless you've meet them in person

Reporting a cyberbully

  1. Always keep the messages and record times and dates when the cyberbullying occurs.
  2. Take screenshots and emails then use them to report to the cell phone providers.
  3. Make sure to block the bully afterwards.

Report to your online service provider

  1. Review their terms and conditions sections
  2. Visit social media safety centers to learn how to block people and change settings

Report to your local law enforcement

You should report to the police when..

  • There are threats of violence
  • Child pornography or sending sexually explicit messages or photos
  • Taking a photo or video of someone in a work[lace where he or she would expect some privacy
  • Stalking and hate crimes

Report to your school

Cyberbullying causes a bad environment at school. The school can use this information to help prevent it and to respond to it.

In many states schools are required to address bullying in their anti-bullying policy