Nikola tesla and his AC electricity

The better electricity

Opening statement

who was Nikola tesla and what did he accomplish?

Nikola tesla was a genius because he's the one that realized the power behind AC electricity and used it to his advantage. He understood its power and understood you only needed one big plant to power a larger area compared to DC which needed an individual generator for each house.


1. Nikola tesla suffered from ocd and rarely slept.

2. He had a photographic memory.

3. Tesla had one of the first ideas for smartphone technology in 1901

Nikola tesla is the one of the most important people in the electric world. He discovered the power behind AC electricity.


Nikola tesla is famous because even when everyone else was saying AC electricity was dangerous he made it from a mere idea to a reality. He geniuses proved them wrong by traveling around letting AC current go through his body to show it was harmless. He first become so great under Thomas Edison, he worked for him for awhile before leaving to make his own company.


This is important because without the AC electricity he helped revolutionize we would be in different conditions with lighting and anything that requires electricity. AC electricity truly revolutionized America because of the fact that now we could use a much cheaper and more earth friendly way of lighting our houses, instead of having to refine oil and ruin our earth.


In our thoughts Nikola tesla was an extremely important man for America. Without him we would probably not be where we are today. His theory and ideas on AC electricity changed America and really helped us today.