Water Crisis in Tanzania

Imagine A Life Without Water...

Is the scarcity of water in Tanzania more serious than we thought?

Anna M.

The water issues in Tanzania are having a major effect on people's health and abilities. The water issues in Tanzania are serious and they are now facing major consequences. Children and their parents spend up to two hours every day collecting water. Collecting water all day long also means that children have no time to go to school. The water is unhealthy and causes many kids to get serious diseases. Some of the diseases are life-threatening. Over 7,000 children,under the age of five,are dying each year. The water contains unsanitary substances such as fluoride, which is ruining people’s health. The routes the children take to collect the water can be dangerous. Kidnappings and rapes are common, especially against young women. The toilets are also becoming a problem. Under 50% of people do not have access to toilets in Tanzania. These issues are growing and becoming more and more harmful each day. The issues are severe but some organizations say it might be solvable. Click here for the video source.

Where in Africa?

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Fighting for What’s Right

Although the issues are expanding throughout Tanzania some organizations think they might have a solution. WaterAid is one of these companies. They build pumps that contain sanitary water so people can collect clean water from inside their communities. They record the location and condition of the water to make sure that the water is sanitary and can be used for drinking. Like other companies, WaterAid used low cost technologies to solve the problem. Students Rebuild is also trying to improve the unsanitary water issues in Tanzania. They use piped systems, rain catchments and latrines to help the communities in Tanzania. Mr. Hilonga, an African inventor, also thinks he may have a solution. He invented a water station that is only $130. These inventions are sure to have a large impact on these people’s lives. Hopefully these organizations can help rebuild these communities and give people in Tanzania a healthier lifestyle. Click Here for image sources.

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Making A Difference

Fortunately, some of these inventions have solved some communities water problems. Last year, WaterAid reached 148,000 people with safe water and 271,000 people with improved sanitation. After implementing these changes, families don’t feel worried when they drink from the new water systems in their communities. Children can go to school and their parents can help around the house. Now, families don’t have to walk miles and there is a smaller chance of getting kidnapped. These changes are beneficial and we have these organizations to thank. Click here for the image sources. Click here for a video source.
Tanzanian Sky Water

Giving a Helping Hand

These organizations are definitely helping the issues, but they could always use a hand. Many generous people have dedicated their lives to helping these families. You can always be one of those people. Helping these organizations can be simply giving a donation or volunteering. A little money can get these organizations a long way.

These families need help and it’s up to us to save them. Click here for an Image Source.

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