Name-Louis XIV

Who they ruled-French

4 accomplishments of their reign-

~expanded France's borders

~cultivated theater,fashion

~refined manners and art

~managed to reduce taxes

4 negative things -

~revoked the Edict of Nantes,its enforcement resulted in disaster:

~churches were razed

~soldiers committed torture and murder

~Protestants caught worshiping were executed

Family Life& religious affiliation

~Louis submitted to his duty and married Marrie- Therese of Austria, the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain.

~Between 1661-1678,the queen give birth to the grand dauphin(the heir to the throne)

~desiring religious unity for his kingdom,Louis objected to the existence of a Protestant minority in France.

One of the country they ruled-


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BIO Shorts: Louis XIV and Maria Theresa