The Journey To Success

By: Kendall Ashley

How Rudy Persevered

One person who persevered was the football player in the movie Rudy. Here's how he did it;

1. Rudy established his dream, playing football for Notre Dame

2. He worked to make money for college

3. He then went after his dream and worked for his good grades until he got in

4. By being the hardest working football player, he made the team

5. He accomplished his dream and played in a football game for Notre Dame

The Man Who Couldnt Read

Words are everywhere. They are in restaurants, in the streets on signs, and just about anywhere you look. This could be problematic for a man who couldn't read. A man finally confessed that after 50 years, he had never learned to read. By telling people about his insecurity, he fought the embarrassment and asked for help in order to learn to read. Because he could not read, he could not complete simple tasks like reading a menu at a restaurant. He knew his problem was his inability to read, so he had to find a solution. One solution he found was to simply ask for help. By doing this, he can solve his problem and learn to read.

Chinese Cinderellas Journey

Adeline suffered a harsh childhood with an abusive stepmother and little to no freedoms. She was told she was unwanted and bad luck because shortly after she was born, her mother died and her family blamed her for it. By working hard in school and being the best she could possibly be, she tried to earn her fathers respect only to be ignored. She worked very hard and gave her all in everything she did. By doing this she did not have an arranged marriage and she would be sent to college. By working hard and putting up with everything life threw at her, she would go on to accomplish great things. This goes to show, that nothing is going to be handed to you and you really have to work to make your dreams come true. Many things Adeline did caused her to become the person that she is today, but most of all her determination to succeed.

An Unlucky Mix

August has persevered through just about everything his whole life. He has a very unfortunate condition, or deformity, that causes him to look very different from other people. August has very different opinions about going to Middle School when he first starts then by the end of the year. At the beginning, he is against it. He knew that everyone will stare and maybe even bully him. At first, he didn't like it very much. That is, until he makes some amazing friends that he will remember for the rest of his life. By the end of the school year he had a very different opinion. Everyone learned to accept him no matter what he looks like. Not only did he learn that he can be just as normal as everyone else but everyone else learned to accept others no matter what their differences are. His conflicting opinions challenge him to accept that everyone has trouble with the way he looks because they have not had time to adjust. August learned many things stepping into middle school and, while going into it he had some trouble, it overall had a great outcome!