Aiden Arciga

Atomosphere 30 hands project

For this project we had to make slides for questions. Than we have to recored our selves presenting it on an app called thirty hands. It was alot of fun doing this becuase we also got to decorate it. Click this link to see. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOsH1zewh2LdE9NTFdsbTU3OGs

Invention Convention

For this project we had to make somthing that will solve the pronlem of burning fossil fuels. Me and my group made a boat that runs on hydroelectric and solar power. We called it the BING BONG BOFA BOAT!! The reason we did this is because crusies cause pollution in the air and water. We made it out of cardboard, paper, platic, foil, and tape.