Burris' Weekly Update

April 24-28

Invention Convention

I passed out the invention convention packet to the kids before spring break. Students do not have to work with a partner, but they can if they would like. The students are given three weeks to complete the project. We will spend At least one day a week to work on the project in class, but most of the project will need to be done at home.

Here are some of the due dates for the Invention Convention. There is other things in the packet that need to be completed but are not listed below.
April 26th - Planning/Materials/Sketch
April 28th - Procedures & Final Sketch
May 3rd - Abstract & Project Summary
May 5th - Final Project Due

6th Grade Promotion

The end of the year is coming quickly and we wanted to let you know that the 6th grade Promotion Ceremony is on Thursday, May 25th at 9:30AM at the High School Auditorium. A reception will follow the ceremony at Eastern Elementary cafeteria beginning around10:45AM.

We are asking for a $12 donation to help cover the students t-shirt, bowling, and reception snacks. We are excited to make this a very special time for 6th graders! Please be sure you are returning the purple forms by May 5th!

Geometry Project

Dear Parents:

It is time for our Geometry unit. Studies show that students learn best when they are not practicing drills, and taking notes, but applying their knowledge to real life and projects. Projects help to gain retention of subject matter as students have to critically think, problem solve and become engaged.

We are going to be working on a large geometry project throughout our entire geometry unit. Students will be allowed to work at home, however they also need to be working in class. The large portion of the project should stay at school, but they can work on pieces at home and bring them in. I do want you to become involved in your child’s project and help them brainstorm ideas with you. I encourage you not to do any part of your child’s project as I want to assess what they can do. They are not going to be graded on artistic ability but their ability to complete a goal, problem solve and understand geometrical concepts.

You will need to make sure your child has either a box or a piece of cardboard in which they can use for the base of their project. Other than that, there is nothing that you need to buy. I am encouraging them to make things by hand, and use everyday household items and turn them into treasures!

I will be conferencing with students to make sure they are on task in school. You may just want to check in periodically as well, to make sure they are on task. They will have an approximate total of 10 hours within class to work. This will most likely give them a great chunk to get done, but they also should be spending at least 10-15 minutes at home every night working on typing their brochure, typing labels, or brainstorming.

With the common core curriculum, rigor is extremely important and planning is an essential part of student projects. In order to prepare them for the future, we are preparing them to become independent learners!

Project will be due: May 15th



Monday 24th

  • Gold: Work on statistics project
  • Purple: Page 21, Numbers 1-21 Odds

    Tuesday 25th

    • Gold: Work on statistics project
    • Purple: Page 69, Numbers 1-27 Odds

    Wednesday 26th

    • Gold: None
    • Purple: None

    Thursday 27th

    • Gold: AIR Math Test
    • Purple: AIR Math Test

    Friday 28th

    • Gold: None
    • Purple: None

    Study Island:

    No Study Island this week.