Otsego High School

Weekly Newsletter (Semester I, Quarter 2, Week 17)

From the Desk of Mr. O'Shea

Congrats to our Otsego FFA Program

I want to open this weeks newsletter congratulating Mrs. Ayers and the students in our FFA program, especially our Parliamentary Procedure Teams. The novice team placed 3rd at the district contest this week and the advanced team placed 2nd in the district. They advanced to the state contest which will be Dec 19. They have been practicing since September for these contests and have worked very hard including practices before and after school. Congratulations to Mrs. Ayers and her teams.

OHS Exam Information


Tuesday January 12th

(7:39am-8:45am) Study Hall + Announcements (66 minutes)

(8:50am-10:20am) Period #1 Exam (90 minutes)

(10:35am-12:05pm) Period #2 Exam (90 minutes)

(12:05pm-12:45pm) HS Lunches (40 minutes)

(12:50pm-2:20pm) Period #3 Exam (90 minutes)

Wednesday January 13th

(7:39am-8:45am) Study Hall + Announcements

(8:50am-10:20am) Period #4 Exam (90 minutes)

(10:35am-12:05pm) Period #5 Exam (90 minutes)

(12:05pm-12:45pm) HS Lunches (40 minutes)

(12:50pm-2:20pm) Period #6/7 Exam (90 minutes)

Thursday January 14th

(7:39am-9:15am) Period #8 Exam (96 minutes) + Attendance

(9:20am-10:55am) Period #9 Exam (95 minutes) + Announcements


*Busses will run at their normal times. Students that need to take the busses home will be placed in their 1st period classes and will use that time for themselves in a supervised environment. They will eat during 6th period lunch at 11:32 and will return to their 1st period classes when lunch is over for the remainder of the day.

**The only day that students are permitted to leave early is Thursday. The other days are required school days and students are NOT permitted to leave early. They can arrive late if they do not have a first period exam but once they are here they stay until the scheduled end of the day. This is changed from years past. If a student is not taking an exam they will still go to that class and we will require that they use that time to study for other exams.

***Exam Exemptions are only allowed when a students has met all requirements and handed in the necessary and proper paperwork that is available in this newsletter, the school website, and in the main office. See Below.

Exam Schedule & Other Information

Types of Exam Exemptions Letter

Early Release Form

Attendance Exemption Form

95% Exemption Form

State Testing Results and Re-Takes

The results from last years tests are in. Since last years 9th graders took tests that are required for their graduation, we have mailed the results of these tests along with an informational letter to the parents of these students. In order to pass, students needed a score of 700 or higher. Any current sophomore that did not pass a test from last year will be retested the week of December 14th. I have attached the letter we are sending out so you can see how this new system works towards a students graduation. If you have any questions please contact the HS office.

Testing Letter and Graduation Requirements

School Security and Safety

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, I felt it necessary to inform you that our district and this building takes student safety very serious. Of course, there is no way to predict, if or when, something like this happens but rest assured that we have plans and partnerships in place, that in the event of a threat to our building/students & staff we can take immediate action to minimize the damage.

Between the hours of 7:20 - 2:20 all the doors on campus are locked and we require that visitors be buzzed in at either the Central Office or HS Entrance. We have over 40 cameras in the high school and al of our classroom doors remain locked throughout the day in case we needed to go into a lock down. Furthermore, we have a Resource Officer on campus who is not only armed but also trained to work in these situations. Our emergency plans are digitally shared with all staff members and hard copies are required to be in their rooms as well as in the substitute teacher binders.

We have scheduled trainings throughout the year as well trainings with local and county law enforcement. Although, I hope that we never have to use any of the measures we have put into place to keep our students out of harms way, we are ready and have been trained to take action in the event of an emergency situation.

Please make sure that you are signed up to receive instant alert messages, remind 101, and following the HS office on twitter. In the event that we were to evacuate, we will need to communicate with everyone as quickly as possible as to where to go to get your child. You WILL not be allowed to be anywhere near the school as law enforcement would close off this area. The teachers and students will be trained as to where they go after they evacuate. We will be practicing this in the spring.

Scary to think about this, but we have to be prepared. If you have questions or concerns please contact me immediately.

Upcoming Dates


15th - Band Concert, 7:00pm in the HS Auditorium

15th - State Testing Re-take Day #1

16th - State Testing Re-take Day #2

17th - State Testing Re-take Day #3

17th - Board of Education Meeting, 6:00pm in the HS Library

21st - Choir Holiday Concert, 7:00pm in the HS Auditorium

22nd - Last day of school - Christmas Break


4th - First day of school, return from Christmas Break

4th - 8th - State Testing make up days

12th - Exams

13th - Exams

14th - Exams - Early Dismissal

14th - End of the 2nd Quarter

15th - NO SCHOOL, Teacher Work Day

18th - NO SCHOOL, Teacher Professional Development


1st Quarter Honor Roll

PENTA Honor Roll

MiKayla Benedict, Hunter Carrick, Paulina Castro, Ann Cousino, Abby Cox, Molly Creps, Victoria Curley, Katelyn Davidson, Paul Downard, Chad Evans, Raven Glenn, Kylee Hartman, Brandy Hicks, Danielle Irwin, Ashley King, Zachary Lange, Sierra Lanham, Cassandra Laplante, Megan Low, Deanna McCann, Bailey McElhenry, Darian Messer, Thomas Repolesk, Meghan Smith, Dalton Walls, Brooke Whiteman

12th Grade


Makayla Allgire, Gwenyth Amborski, Casey Barbour, Brittany Barnhart, Capriana Burres, Morgan Chambers, Austin Digby, Taylor Gonzalez, Tyler Harroun, Mark Hendricks, Joshua Ignatowski, Alissa Jacobs, Zane Maxwell, Morgan Smoyer, Mackenzy Varner, Tyler Weber, Alexandria Wenig, Mackenzie Wenig, Tyler West, Lauren Wynn

3.5 – 3.99

James Agan, Adam Baty, Haili Brooks, Jonathan Brown, Joseph Brown, Hunter Carson, Richard Cheney, Kilion Clark, Cameryn Drain, Olivia Jinnings, Dakota Maher, Nicholas McBride, Allison McVeigh, Brianna Meier, Derek Morgan, Alexis Nigh, Erica Noble, Brennan Schall, Brianna Snow

11th Grade

4.0 GPA

Alison Graham, Lauren Gray, Adam Lewis, Margaret Long, Natasha MacKay, Shannon Weihl

3.5 - 3.99 GPA

Joseph Agan, Colton Battin, Jennifer Baty, Adam Euler, Tayler Gunn, Paige Hoffman, Alexander Krabill, Parker Lazar, Morgan Mazey, Logan Pope, Olivia Renkel, Aurora Thomas, Devin Wilson, Rebekah Wright

10th Grade

4.0 GPA

Hailey Asmus, Luke Beach, MiKayla Benedict, Isabelle Billnitzer, Erika Dibartolomeo, Felicity Jinnings, Jordyn Lenox, Joseph McQuillin, Andrew Richardson, Dominic Serrato, Brianna Shiley, Stone Zimmerman

3.5 - 3.99 GPA

Erin Agan, Isabella Bean, Sarah Cox, Keith Damschroder, Zachary Davies, Nathaniel Digby, Leah Dubler, Evan Farley, Caleb Frank, Jaclyn Ghesquiere, Christina Gonzalez, Grace Gregory, Selena Hernandez, Heather Jogerst, Riley Kepling, Joseph Konrad III, Nicholas Krabill, Dalton Limes, Hunter Martinez Buehrer, Braeden Murphy, Hannah Poulin, Louisa Pullins, Leah Rieger, Joshua Shawberry, Tyler Simpson, Riley Smith, Brock Snyder, Hannah Snyder, Julianne Spencer, Greysen Tolles, William Varner, Joseph Vershum, Claire Wallace, Alexis Wiles

9th Grade

4.0 GPA

Nathaniel Born, Ava Bowen, Madison Dzierwa, Conor Evans, William Gase, Levi Gonyer, Hayle Grimmer, Sadie Helberg, Zachary Jones, Jenna Lewis, Derek Michaelis, Alexandria Miller, Madeline Nell, Seth Pullins, David Silva, Hunter Smith, Shelbey Spurlock, Connor Tumblin, Amber Underwood, Annabella Voska, Tessa Weber, Abigail Wilcox

3.5 - 3.99 GPA

Montgomery Alexander, Jordan Chaney, Gabrielle Coon, Ryan Dick, Mitchell Downs, Mikayla Farmer, Brooke Ferguson, Logan Frost, Alayna Greenhagen, Jeffery Gulyas, Owen Harnishfeger, Corey Hollar, Cheyenne Homanick, Blaine Kitchen, Ian Kress, Jacob Martinez, Sydney Mazey, Alexia McNett, Austin Meier, Jefferson Miller, Jenna Norman, Mitchell Smith, Kortney Sutter, Kurtis Sutter, Brittany Vollmar

Highlights from the Week

reminders from the High School office

  • Daily Announcements Page
  • Make sure you send in a written note within 48 hours of your child's absence. This is necessary in order for the absence to be excused.
  • Please make sure you include both the first name and last name of student on the absent note.
  • Sign up for Remind 101 to get text or email reminders of important events. Text to 81010 and in the message box, type otseg (there is no "o" at the end)
  • Parents if you want to check on your child's homework, please access their "Google Classroom". All the teachers are posting their assignments there. You will need to know your child's username and password to get into their classroom. If you are having any issues getting into Google Classroom, let us know and we will work to fix it immediately.

Homework Cafe/Study Sessions

The High School is very excited to be implementing a Homework Cafe/Study Session every Wednesday afternoon from 2:20pm-3:30pm. Homework Cafe will be held in the HS Learning Commons (HS LIbrary) and will enable students to finish homework, study for upcoming tests, work on projects, or simply have peer-to-peer tutoring.

HS Sports will not begin practices until 3:00pm every Wednesday so that still leaves roughly 40 minutes for student athletes to focus on academics.

It will be monitored by adults at all times.

Parents, we are asking for donated snacks and refreshments to kick off this new program. Items needed would be pre-packaged chips, snacks, sweets and drinks. Disposable cups and paper products would be a great donation as well.

Homework Cafe will begin on Wednesday, November 18th at 2:20pm and will be every Wednesday thereafter.

Please drop of any donated items into the HS office or send in items with your child. Call Betsy Roberts at 419-823-4381 in the HS office for any questions.

Quiz Bowl Team

Otsego will be on the Academic Challenge on NBC 24 at 11am, Dec 27, 2015.

Zachary Jones, Braeden Murphy, Joseph McQuillin, Joshua Shawberry pictured here at the Academic Challenge on WNWO 24 NBC

Guidance Department

Enroll to Attend PENTA

Advanced Placement Students: Parent and Student Bulletin Please read the attached bulletin. It contains important information for Exam Takers.

PENTA CAREER CENTER: If your student(s) are interested in attending PENTA Career Center, they may start applying now. If you have any questions regarding program opportunities or the application process, contact Jennifer Wronkovich-Clark at 419-823-4381 or via email at jclark@otsegoknights.org.

Prevention Newsletter

Email: ecornish@otsegoknights.org - ATOD On-Site Specialist

News from the Yearbook Staff

Senior Photo Requirements

  1. Photos should be a high resolution (at least 300 dpi).
  2. Must be a vertical photo, this allows more room for your classmates in the yearbook.
  3. Student must be looking at the camera; head cannot be cut off in the picture, & must be able to see student’s full face. Hands, or arms should not be blocking the shoulder shot, or touching the student's face.
  4. A head and shoulders shot is preferred, but will accept a shot from the waist up. No full body shots or students lying on the ground. We can crop pictures, but if the shot is too far away we will not be able to accept the picture.
  5. Remember, this is a formal photo, clothing should be appropriate. (Examples- no muscle tees, cleavage, or hats, or flowers in your hair, the list goes on and on.) If you have to question your clothing, then it is probably not appropriate.
  6. No props in the photo.
  7. Seniors pictures are due by: April 4th, 2016.
  8. If your picture is not turned in by this date, you will not be featured in the senior section of the yearbook.
  9. If you have any questions, you can contact Mrs. Lockhart via email: yearbook@otsegoknights.org.

Yearbook is having a clearance sale. All yearbooks from the following years are being marked down to $10!" (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014). Email yearbook@otsegoknights.org for further information or to purchase one.

Student Employment Opportunities

Nazareth Hall is looking for part time kitchen help and banquet servers. We respect your school schedule, mostly weekend work. Please apply in person at 21211 W. River Road, Grand Rapids, OH.

News from Athletics

Otsego Athletics is on Twitter and Facebook. Follow for high school scores and other athletic department information. Also, if you’d like to receive athletic news and updates by email please email athletics@otsegoknights.org to be added to the list.


December 14 @ Holgate – 6:00

December 17 @ Elmwood – 6:00

December 22 @ Fostoria – 6:00


December 15 (H) Lake – 6:00

December 18 (H) Rossford – 6:00 *Meet the Teams

December 19 @ Delta – 6:00

December 23 (H) Swanton – 6:00

December 30 @ Maumee – 6:00


December 15 (H) Lake – 4:45

December 18 (H) Rossford – 4:45

December 19 @ Delta – 4:45

December 23 (H) Swanton – 4:45

December 30 @ Maumee – 4:45


December 12 Backhaus Duals @ Tinora – 9:00

December 15 NBC Quad @ Elmwood – 5:30

December 19 Bobcat Duals – 9:00

December 20 Bobcat Duals – 9:00


Friday, February 12 for Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling and Cheerleading


Tuesday, March 8 @ 7:00 in the High School gym

Softball Information: The softball coaches at Otsego High School are beginning open gyms for girls that are looking to improve and develop their softball skills. The open gym will take place in the OES gym. Click here for more information

Athletic Boosters

Meet the Teams for winter athletes will be December 18th. Varsity athletes will be introduced after the game with shirt signing to follow in the commons. Shirts will be $5.

Spirit Wear will be sold during the game. Many items including stadium chairs, stocking hats, sweatshirts and other Otsego apparel is available.

OHS Student Council


Candy Cane Surprise - Purchase a Candy Cane for $.50 during lunches Tuesday -Thursday this week. Fill out a personalized note. The candy canes will be attached to your note and delivered on Monday December, 21st.

Powder Puff Football

Student Council has some exciting news about Powder Puff, our announcement will be made soon! But as a hint, EVERYONE be ready!

We are OHS StuCo


President: Alissa Jacobs

Vice President: Taylor Gonzalez

Secretary: Olivia Jinnings

Treasurer: Marissa Garrett

Representatives: Zane Maxwell, Zane Thomas


President: Madi Kregel

Vice President: Adam Lewis

Representatives: Parker Lazar


President: Andrew Richardson

Vice President: Julie Spencer

Representatives: Stone Zimmerman, Christina Gonzalez


President: Hayle Grimmer

Student Council is looking for students who want to help plan and put on events for second semester. Would you like to help create a biweekly Lavatory Ledger? What about help plan a movie night? A Community Euchre tournament? Or even our Spring Powder Puff game? If you are interested in getting involved, see one of your Student Council members, or Miss Pierce. We will be opening up for new member in second semester!

Student Council Advisor: Megan Pierce

Follow OHS Student Council on Twitter: @OHScouncil

Music Department

News from the Music Boosters

  • The dates for upcoming music performances are as follows:

    12/12 Grand Rapids Holiday Lighted Parade 7:30pm

    12/15 High School and 6th Grade Band Holiday Concert

    12/17 High School Choral Holiday Concert

  • We have a freshman, Brittany Vollmar...sophomore, Kelly McBride...junior, Kyra McCoy and senior Casey Barbour all performing in the Nutcracker All Jazzed Up!!

    Shows are Saturday, December 19th 2:00 and 7:00 and Sunday, December 20th at 2:00.

  • Holiday Performances

14th - Swing Choir @ Wood Lane School 12:00pm - 2:20pm
17th - Swing Choir @ Grand Rapids Care Center 12:00pm - 2:20pm

18th - Swing Choir @ Elementary and J. H. Performances 1:00pm - 2:20pm

Transportation Department

Student and bus safety is very important to us at Otsego. Please use extreme caution when our buses are around. We transport over 1,000 students every day, and we all play a role in making sure that it is a safe environment for each one of them. Please drop off and pick up all students in the back of the buildings and do not use the north exit in the mornings. If you have any question please give me a call or call Eva Vasher, Transportation Supervisor, at 419-823-3156

Food Service Department

Click the links to Download the 2015-2016 Lunch and Breakfast Schedules. If you have questions please email our Food Service Supervisor, Jeanie Jeffers or follow on twitter @Otsego_Cafe

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Community Events

Baker O'Brien Glass Horse raffle to support Julie Amos - there is still time to purchase raffle tickets for the Baker O'Brien glass horse. We draw the winner on December 18th!

We have a new video of Rich & Julie and their family Click to see Video

Freshman, Brittany Vollmar...Sophomore, Kelly McBride...Junior, Kyra McCoy and Senior Casey Barbour are all performing in the Nutcracker All Jazzed Up!!

Shows are Saturday, December 19th 2:00 and 7:00 and Sunday, December 20th at 2:00.


Teen Court is an excellent way to volunteer and meet new people, to give back to the community/earn service hours, and promotes networking for future professional references. It incorporates real life court cases to teach aspects of juvenile law. Teen Court members alternate roles as Prosecutor, Teen Defense, Jury members, Bailiff and Jury Foreman and It's a great resume builder.

Check out the video on our Facebook Page

2016 Teen Court Application

Otsego Local Schools App

We have an App for that!

Otsego Local Schools in partnership with SchoolInfoApp has launched the Otsego Local Schools App, now available for iPhones®, iPads®, Android™, Blackberry™ and Windows™ devices. The App is free and gives parents & students quick access to lots of great information.

Click here to download on an apple device
Click here to download on an android device

***Please understand that this is a new App and we are still working on getting everything updated. If you have suggestions please feel free to reach out and let us know. Thanks.

Communication with the High School

Below are a few of the other ways to connect with us and to have access to updates and communications from us. Please remember that we desire two-way communication and encourage everyone to reach out to us and ask questions, voice concerns, and give feedback. Thank You.

1. High School Website http://www.otsegoknights.org/high-school (The high school website has all the academic and athletic calendars and the HS posts their daily announcements on the website as well)

2. Remind 101 (Text to: 81010 Message: @otseg there is no "o" at the end just @otseg. Thats it. You will receive a message that says you've been added to our group. You will receive text messages straight to your mobile device). If you don't want to text, you can go to https://www.remind.com/join and just type in (otseg) as the class code.

3. Twitter (follow @otsegohsoffice or @KosheaOHS)

4. District App:

Click here to download on an apple device

Click here to download on an android device

Classic Weekly Student Joke:

Q: What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

A: "Where's Popcorn?"

Have a great week.

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