2015 Year in Review

Sports Marketing- Cole Kniatt

Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

1. Apple was able to market their company well by introducing many new successful products such as the iPhone 6s, the Apple Watch, and the iPad Pro. They were able to market these through Ad Campaigns on TV, Billboards etc. Apple introduces their products during a big event in September of each year which creates a lot of buzz around their products.

2. Chevrolet was able to maintain relevance in the very competitive car market by introducing new car models. They market these products through many TV Ads, Radio Ads, as well as billboard advertisements. Chevy is maintaining their market position very well.

3. Oakley markets their products by having players in the MLB wear their sunglasses. They do this so they can compete with Ray Ban who is the long standing leader in the Sunglasses market. Oakley chooses to be the leader in the active lifestyle sunglass market. They advertise mainly at MLB games, as well as on social media.

Best Products of 2015

1, iPhone 6s

2. FitBIt

Worst Products of 2015

1. Hover Board

2. Folding Bicycles

Top Movies and how they were Marketed

1. Inside Out was marketed as one of Pixar's best movies that they have made. Pixar used a TV ad campaign with previews, as well as previews before other movies.

2. Jurassic World marketed to the fans of the previous Jurassic movies, used a social media campaign, as well as TV Ads and previews before other movies.

Top Music Artists of 2015

1. Luke Bryan had a very successful tour in the summer of 2015. Was able to maintain his top spot in the country music genre. He released many successful songs that charted #1.

2. Drake many successful mixtapes released this past year. Also had a very publicized beef with Meek Mill which gained him even more publicity after he released Back to Back.

Top Ten Songs of 2015

1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

2. Cheerleader by OMI

3. Take Me to Church Hozier

4. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

5. See You Again Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

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New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvements- Start juicing, juicing will allow me to become healthier.

Family and Friends- Spend more time with them, avoid them less.

School- Finish college apps- prepare myself for the future.